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Autumn fishing in fine weather, and in

It’s not bass fishing in the golden age even started yet, at least not for me. Or maybe it is lake-specific. Went on Saturday to test a new lake Tuusniemellä, Juojärvi. Not so Syöjärvi and I guess it would already have its name could not conclude that does not bite.

The port was an outlet trolling championships due to

A week ago was a bright trout lake, on, Suvasvedellä, which was found ajoahvenia. Well Juojärvi is also clear trout lake and it’s lightning twice in the same place hit, so we don’t really find ajoahvenia there.

Bracket in the water to see how clear the water is

Juojärvi is just ridiculously challenging lake jigikalastajan. Firstly, the fishing depth are terrible to the ul thing. Perch seating is Juojärven on the beach heard the rumors on the basis of 10-14 feet. Them about five grams of jigipäätä there, not many shots have time during the day to throw, when vajotuksen in going hours.

The empty view is a familiar story

The second problem was really vary the shape of the bottom. Usually a versatile, deep and shallow water contained in the lake is good jigilalastajalle and the lake has a lot of potential fishing spots, but Juojärvellä depth fluctuations were, however, very fast, the very best fishing depth would have been almost vertical embankment. It is a bit difficult to go jigaamaan 10 meters, if the depth of the fall from three feet to twenty in a small way.

Weather was excellent, again

Definitely trolling for a good lake and I think that sometimes can be ajoahven jacket to reach somewhere deep on the top, when it malta would find. But I can’t wait. That’s how it was, that on Saturday Juojärven back to hear again that the legendary phrase: ”I’m not coming here ever again.”

They were looking for fish for eight hours and I got one of the dimensions of the walleye fair ten meters and a dozen perch in 13 feet. Deep is a challenging fish that is why, too, that if there comes a smaller, ”not taken to” perch or minimum size for walleye, they might be the swim bladder in the mouth. Maybe stay in the lake, where the fishing depth is less than ten meters.

Juojärven perch

Overall, the day was interesting, however, as always it tyhjilläkin trips to learn new and fish that lake. And the end of the day I realized the reason why the fish could not be found: eväsbanaani you stayed at home.

Sunday began to be hungry and food fish. It was therefore decided to leave the familiar for the waters of the game for water. Saturday morning starting a little late and was being Juojärvellä only ten, so Sunday was injected clock a little earlier to ring, so being on time game day.

The outward journey game water destination looming and I looked in the mirror on the trailer the boat. Human memory is a capricious and sometimes it forgets the very essential things, for example, I always remember their own or the children’s age.

I said half as a joke to Juha, that thought, if we ever go fishing and forget the boat home ? And Juha said that the bow of the electric motor by the way stayed home. And sure enough, when I looked at the trailer on the boat, from the bow was missing some very important things. Not that it helped other than to get from Kuopio pace and Juha left me and Alutrollin someone to take the edge of waiting. The morning was cool and I got Juhalta down jackets quote.

There we törötettiin boat =)

It was our ”early fish place” -the morning. I was waiting for Juha hours and I went looking for a nearby forest mushrooms.

Fungus the catch wasn’t much of a (note., I picked out =D)

Finally was reached to continue the journey and in the middle of the boat flying a big blue bundle of nearly the car behind the front of the car. Oh, oops, I had left it on Juha’s down jackets boat on the floor. Not other than the car park side of the road and ran to get myttyä the middle of the road. If someone spotted me running and laughing in the hat the blonde wandering around in the middle of the roadway, it was just me ?

Again to continue the journey and I was wondering that, I wonder what the day’ll bring. Maybe not any very good if the same pattern continues. I did everything with indignation and I packed up the boat on shore with the idea of. Fortunately, the mishap was the end of it and the rest of the day was to focus on fishing.

Game water of the harbour towards the fishing spot, the weather was calm

Ahveniahan we will primarily always be looking for, but at times will try to kuhaakin, if you can find a lot of fish. On Sunday zander was in many places and the day of the big perch come walleye flock among.

Can when the whole flock would have been these, but unfortunately they were to keep the standard

Kuhien the average size was good and the day of the biggest keep the standard (55cm and 53cm) was double sharkbait to

I wonder where the hell they get bigger perch on the loft you are after a full day of looking after was being found in only one of the perch loft. That flock of fish to come so much, but the biggest part of the fish was 25 inches. Fortunately, it found a few +30cm fish, so was food fish.

The last few months weather has favored the fishermen and the yes part was a September day to be a Sunday warm. I had way too many clothes on and in the end I fished merino wool underwear on, when you can’t have any more clothes to reduce the and I really wasn’t ready for the road summer clothes, but a rain coat.

During the day I also got several pike, and one of the bigger individual gnashing of fishing line. A light perch on the set of the big pike with the fight is always a little exciting =)

Roly-poly pike exactly 4kg

Next weekend promises rain and thunder, so it might be that the not at all fishing, but as long as the weather again favours, so have to go looking for bogeymen. It would be pounds of perch sometimes nice to get a summer siimankin the head =)

I wonder if this fall will be to enjoy such weather?

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