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I stayed at one time hooked on hammock camping and was again this weekend making a quick trip to the islands. And of course we also fished. That’s two complete hobby and put them together, so the experience is said to describe non-wonderful. I recommend to try!

Kallavedellä is so much of the island. In fact, Wikipedia tells us the Lake’s island, as the number of 1964 pieces, and that is my challenge to me and Juha, because we thought we’d be able to camp whenever possible, one of the islands, where we have not previously stayed. Now we ”nukkumasaa for” number is 4pcs. No less than a couple thousand, so we are staying in all the lake’s island ?

A week ago we were Hätinen name in the island and it was a great day. I got the biggest summer ahveneni ever and anyway the trip went really well. Try to hammocks to sleep for the first time in life and because this weekend we were already ”old factors”, it was certain that the camp work on the island in the treatment easier and faster.

The previous weekend I told Juha that depends on the carpets the mortgage is a five minute job. Well it’s just as quickly gone, but the initial difficulties encountered after the carpet was however straight.

Now we had a hammock the vessel huopineen and his sleeping bag nicely in one package, so all reason, depending on the carpet attachment ’should’ be a five minute job. Well it’s not, again, gone, just like Strömsössä.

We left on Saturday in the waters until early evening and we packed according to overnight the necessary gear and enough food. Saturday night we had the promised rain, so we had to practice also tarpin mortgage. The previous weekend we didn’t need a roof at all, when there was dry weather.

We went a little while ago, Long Pickaxe called the island in the cooking lean-to with the sausages. The island was lovely and it was easy to go ashore, so we chose it Saturday night. We had a night time fishing in peace, when we didn’t have to use the time accommodation of the island to find. Of course the situation would be then changed, if the island had been reserved. Fortunately, it wasn’t.

I already had a bad fishing, even on the previous fishing trip was not than six days. Still feel like I should have a free hand in weeks. Quickly they withdrawal symptoms come ?

I got to test the new jigituttavuuksia Scandinavian Tackle. Shaker f I Huntershad jigs are Antti Harju-designed and they come in two sizes, 13cm and 9cm. In principle, the bigger the size is kuhalle and lower ahvenelle, but yes a smaller size walleye appointed to the tastes and also the other way around.

Shaker F Huntershad 3,5″

I have been fishing almost all summer UL gear and it felt a little like that, it’s my first set will continue. It is so good and responsive to your set to fish for bass, when sharkbait feel well and the bass is almost impossible to escape the fishing rod, as the rod aligns itself with the fish’s movements very well.

New jigs was interesting to try, because of the variety of colors was so much. Decided to fish the whole trip only hunter shadeilla.

The choice of colors is enough, it is organic and ärsyä

The beginning is always the hardest, in the end. Sometimes will brings a proverb to mind, when is long enough searched for the fish to empty the probe staring. On Saturday, fortunately, didn’t need to drive like an hour to fish, looking for, then find deep next to the big 6-7 meter table, which was quite full of bass.

This summer the fish are generally found in wind-hand side or ”the table”, which the wind has got to blow and push the little fish. Of times already a map for the eye, that from the direction of the wind has gone, and what would be the potential fishing spots a breeze I thought. It limits a lot of ”unnecessary” run out, although you never can know if the fish are just in those places, what to leave without. Many certainly are, but at least this year the wind direction to take advantage of fish trying to find help.

A lot of bass, but not a giant

Fish the average size was nothing special large, but filekokoa however. It was exciting to test different jigiväri and note that while below was a fish, some colors work better than others. It saw that color matters.

Jigiväri performance is dependent on depth, water color, ”without color,” etc. I mean without color, for example, sunny weather works in a different color, like gray or rainy weather. Or might work, what about a fortune teller I am ?

Personally I usually use organic colors, but sometimes I try to tease the fish also ärsyväreillä. On Saturday night the big perch come in orange jigillä.

The big perch come in orange color

The perch were hungry, when the jigs sank into drinking so well =)

Fond of jigs to hard, because they were so slender and delicate uintisia, but still the material was durable and ”tough”. Many times bass jigauksessa problem might be are broken jig to the tail, because the perch will tear the tail off, but Huntershadeja bass did not get broken a single one. A good sign! Bass, however, was terribly under and tärppejäkin be a lot, but still jigs resistant stripe shirt processing.

Pink tasted

Juha try Huntershadeja also dropshot brakes to

Y tasted ahvenelle

We were fishing a spot a couple of hours, after which was left to perch in peace and moved on to the island.

The evening was wonderfully calm

A Long Pickaxe

Juha started to unload goods from the boat and I took the hammock mess with me and I left the installation activities.

”It is a five minute job”. No I can’t with a straight face said that sentence, because it’s camp erection will never be a five minute job. Sorry Juha, when I tricked you two this weekend.

It’s our first island trip accidentally went really well. We had a suitable distance from the trees, which were thin enough. On Saturday I firstly found as fat trees. I didn’t have even crossed my mind that the tree should not be too thick, although I mean it now in hindsight realizes and sees that they are not independent of the mortgage used for the ”tree-hugger straps” just impossibly long.

In addition, when we only have one tarpin, i.e., the canopy fabric, we have found three suitable distance from each other on the tree, so that we can put hammocks common canopy.

The mosquitoes bled me almost dry in the meantime, when I stumbled with these. I went to the island back and forth ”hässäköiden” with the bug pack suit inisten. The mathematical equations for swarming in the eyes, while contemplating between the trees. I’m in math understand anything, but the desperate will try to outline the camp different between the trees.

Less than an hour after adjusting Juha came to help. Was almost eyes, fingers in the mouth, when the time had gone so much already just in the trees searching for. Five minutes to go, heh.

The contact force was found, then a ryteiköstä three thin pine, to which the hammock was attached to. Fortunately, the hammock camp placement has the advantage that the terrain can be, no matter how uneven, so still it did not stop for a spot of sleep.

Yeah I’m sure.

If a job was five minutes to make, so it was those two carpet attaching trees. It was really a five minute job. Then when the ale was set up tarppikangasta, so it was already hours of work, at least for the first time. As a whole camp’s worth of booking time for at least an hour, when the variable factors is so much.

Tarpin tune

The end well all well and the camp looked really good when all was finally ready. We were sweaty and bug eat by and it was decided to leave the evening for a campfire, because we were also really tired. We were eating lunch at the shelter, and went was koteloihimme.

Still no middle of the night not dark

I fell asleep almost immediately hyttyskuoron beautiful lullaby. I slept all night really well and I had a lovely warm all the time. I usually vilukissa and I’m cold almost always, so I was prepared for the night well.

Thick sleeping bag, a pair of underwear, a thick jumpsuit, a pair of wool socks, a thick hat… Maybe that’s why sleep so well, when the cold didn’t wake once. Well, on the other hand, it was at night, probably 18 degrees, so it wasn’t surprising that the cold came. Scare autumn and really cold nights, I have namely getting to be a bit crowded in a sleeping bag, so don’t go there anymore, too many underwear fit ?

Perch in the morning eating was probably already at four, but because we went to sleep until after midnight, I set the alarm for six.

This morning I woke up well slept was before the alarm clock. It had snowed a bit, so luckily we were put in the canopy. Nature was pretty quiet. They million no mosquito had fallen asleep mosquito net on top. There I again watched the secretly of nature through the curtains. the world.

Here is a good watching the world go by

Yes it took probably an hour if not more, when trying to motivate myself to rise to the hammock and warm sleeping bag. How can it be such an attractive place pötkötellä and sleep, like a incredibly lovely bed ❤

Eventually, I convinced myself in the hammock out, when I said I’d cook myself a good morning coffee by the campfire. In the long Hakussa is the woodshed, so there is always dry firewood available.

Juha was still pötkötteli to, when I leave the coffee in the soup. Hammocks are not just hit mättäisiin, although the close was =)

In the long Hakussa is a new lean-to

Healthy breakfast: sausage and coffee =D

Well at least had something healthy even, I tested the grill nectarines for the first time, good =)

We’re probably a couple of hours eating and breaking camp for the purpose, but fortunately not in a hurry anywhere. The wind was pretty hard in the morning and aallokkoakin some. Do the morning work in peace and quiet, after which was directed to olli’s back.

We found the perch a couple of other places, but we didn’t see any more than 30cm of perch all day. Smaller perch yes ate, but seems a bit pointless to fish them on the Lake’s traditional 25cm fish.

On Sunday, the best color was this purple, it became the largest part of the bass

Also, a few minimum size for walleye to bite Huntershadia, Sunday was clearly just a small fish on the move

I wanted to take a few food fish (+30cm), because we weren’t embarrassed last night having fish in the cooler. Now their better bass is then no longer found.

Gray weather to brighten the afternoon

Juha luckily I got drops hottaamalla a couple of the dimensions of the walleye, so the omega intake at least was secured this week for ☺ This summer, each weekend has been pretty huge and the fish is found very well. (Not now remember it Virmaksen trip ?)

Bow electric motor has been a top purchase and feel that we’ve got a few weeks more fish, than many of the summer total. Last summer one of my most widely read blog posts was when I got over the weekend a total of 18 walleye. It was a great figure back then. Who would years ago could not even dream of 135 zander one day

Next weekend was supposed to be two nights on the island. We have not yet decided which one to 1964:to the island we’re heading or are we going even Kallavedelle. Weather forecasts promise good, I hope Ahtikin is a fair on.

Now is the time to enjoy the summer ?

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