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Winter can come!

Now is the open water season package. I had a month break from fishing because of bad weather and in a hurry. No more yes it was bad weather, as busy ? Was pretty awful to be fish so many weeks, I was going crazy or know even though I came. Fortunately, I get again the waters of the Alutrollin this year. Now then wish real hard frosts for the next week, would be really nice to get to ice fishing as early as December ☺

The boat is waiting in the driveway for weeks idle. We didn’t want to put the boat still in dry dock but we wait for suitable weather conditions, if your head to make a quick puncture Kallavedelle. This time of year every trip is a quick sting, eyes bright, the time is so short. From sunrise to sunset only a little more than six hours, it’s time gonna get to fish at all.

Finally the weather forecast looked good and because the sun has been with us more to offer, than it’s a six-hour piece, it was decided to seize the offer. Frost had forecast, according to be two, but the gauge looked like -6C. Had to dress up as the ice fishing itself, i.e. the merino wool underwear, ursuit’s välipuku and floating overalls. Should not be cold!

The cabin in the bay was riitettä beaches and two meters from the north wind felt surprisingly cold. Was packed the beach in the boat ready and Juha drove the trailer luis kalle. Just when he was giving the boat momentum and tönäisemä ace boat, make sure of him, that after all, the bottom proppu in place. His look told me that wasn’t.

Yes it already for fishermen to carry =D

Phew, that was close. One time Juha is me without a bottom proppua waters decreased and the comfort of wet shoes puatti of the floor, when water began to enter the boat inside. Note yes, that we have now had too long break from fishing, when it hurts like this rudimentary suede.

Some fisherman had moulted to the cabin in the bay

Juha drove the trailer back to the parking lot and left the house to pick up proppua. Luckily we were close to home, Motorguide supposed the beginning of autumn get a few dozen kilometers from the ?

The boat landing part II went almost without a problem. The boat the steering was frozen and the engine budge, when the steering wheel try to turn. Small feather design after the wheel starts working. Fortunately, it was discovered freezing in the boat was still on dry land.

Finally after a long time Alutroll from a favorite activity at his cabin in the bay on the waters. Tohatsu wheel well, even though it was six degrees below zero.

All the berths were already empty and you know it, the weather is pretty rapsakka fishing

The first fishing spot to draw the bottom of the individual keep the standard in addition to a single perch of the flock. It was such a wonderful feeling to see the fish on sonar, was missed ☺

I didn’t think we could get during the day nothing, for the time ill have the other fish eat. Especially Kallavedellä fish is always challenging, let alone cold water. The temperature of the water was less than four degrees.

The sun is not very high up

Park the boat on a perch flock to the site and lo and behold, we started to fish ? I Was positively surprised by each fish, when I thought the days of the tuna a bit trip end of the season. But if Ahti times still fish in there to give, so without more we they are taken against. This time we didn’t measure any bass, but we decided to take almost all fileoitavaa bass, and downstream they perch soup.

The perch were really slow to warm-water fish compared to the. Were all the fish vertical jigaamalla and fish jurottivat just on the bottom, which sometimes rise slowly jigille. The jig should be nearly in place, that the fish were attracted to it. We try to heitelläkin a few times, but since fish don’t even tärppine over thank-border jigiin, their definition was useless.

The morning sun was shining in the cloudless sky and even warmed a little. I was able to fish without gloves without fingers froze. Half-day countries, we moved on olli’s back and we fished there for an hour, after which we go back. This afternoon the sky gathered clouds and as soon as the sun went behind the cloud, it stopped heating one-on-one.

Went to was olli’s back, to no avail.

The fishing turned into challenging, because the air cools down hiding the sun, and vaparenkaat froze all the time. Yes, its in that moment realized, when melted in a language vaparenkaat melt, that the open water season must be here. The day of the last fishing spot was full of fish perch, but was still a couple of otettavaakin and food fish in the cooler we decided to go towards the port.

The perch were eating kuoreita, when ambushed them in the middle syömäpuuhia of

Through the last trip went really well and the air was pretty. The photo does not, however, see that the air was also really cold. The boat run in the cold air still stressed and I was completely cold fish, when you get home.

The fishing day lasts from sunrise to sunset

Yes, those soup making, although the fish size didn’t cut anybody

Winter makes all the time coming to and through the ice fishing season. To it is so toughen himself and his fingers ice fishing trip. A couple of weeks, the weather forecasts look good and now one forecast promised an average to colder weather until February. Yay! Waiting with the others as impatiently awaiting the ice fishing access?

The article Winter! published for the first time the FISH WE LUCK.

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