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This winter I’ve been numerous times for ice fishing. Although the bystander in the eye may seem that the line you are continue to tense, then it really is not so. Many times those stupid trips does not, but should keep such a racket as they fish for fathers day 😄 , Yes hours, in the amount of stupid has become requested more than what the lines have been tight.

The lake is a we still uncork without and yes there for almost a dare ice fishing send. Is now twisted bigger and smaller lakes and a total different fishing spots has accumulated eight. Between the home that she has been the food fish and the voids between the plastic bag and frozen toes.

The propeller has been pretty uskamattoman great to glide on the ice surface along the windy day is not needed even I kicked, but the wind has taken care of the propeller moving. Now then sky pop out a white surprise and propeller the weather looks like this. Well in the spring then again in Elsa under 😄 Paragraph fortunately get already a snowmobile!

Ahti was the beginning of a season so good that I was beginning to wonder which way is the wind. Record fish as soon as the season starts and after the food fish, scads. Then when the float already in the clouds fishing skills with, I was returned to the surface. The fish stopped coming little by little and after Ahti began to ask for anything in return. I guess that was the catch quota is full, because the last few trips no fish seen, only I’ve lost the fishing equipment.

Last spring went was Nilakalla some time and the lake seemed very nice information for the lake. A little over a week ago was directed potkureina we are there again and its ice fishing day the morning was perhaps one of the finest mornings ever. So the weather and landscape on behalf of, not otherwise 😩 Sunrise painted the world an incredible array of colors and phew, even I admire these images and colors!

The morning of the first hole visible immediately life. The bottom of the swimming bass, which are trying to attract Mr. Manu hair pyrstöllä. Soon tasurista interested in the wrong type of individuals and the fishing line from the kick pike. I got to lift the fish out on the ice and fortunately the information was very pretty in the corner of his mouth. Whether good luck, involved got off without pliers, and the pike was easy to release quickly.

I put pike in the ice-hole and I turned to reach out towards the backpack hanging towel with which to wipe your hands. Page eye I saw a strange glimpse. What the hell was it? It was like someone moved the hole on the edge, but it’s pike no longer in it. It wasn’t my kehivapa???

Fall backpack in kehivapa me, which was four as it should be, but where the fifth rod is that I gave it that last pike? Five free I overall is and even how to bike in a circle and my eyes search for the fifth free, that is nowhere to be seen. Oh, man, that’s by the way, I think she went to the pike with the hole in the ice 😩 Maybe fishing line grabbed the pike will revoke or tail, in any case, rod lost in the hole from the edge. Thither also went Mr. Manu information 😥

They tried John with mess free base of the treble hook through, but it did not produce results. Yes was annoying. Day perch catches, too, stayed skinny, except Juhalla, which got pretty good filekalat with him.

It was the next day Juurusvedellä. There the landscape was almost eerie compared to the previous day Nilakkaan. Juurukselle was colorless. Propeller movement was super easy when on the ice in the water due to prop walk than himself. On the other hand, was scared to walk through there, when the ice surface was small ”lakes”.

I got the morning of walleye and a couple hours later, one fileahventa, but it missed the catch of the day. Food fish number of not so astonished, but the ice surface found in the works of art even more. Really amazing patterns and never before has it been like ice to see you!

The Dimensions Of The Walleye Kawerin Have

Many lakes were so twisted and the fish searched, but actually the winter the only place that has given very food fish, has been Sotka. So I was forced to go there, too, experimenting that is fish free right now to catch a spot, or own skills. Well, maybe some of both, but Sotka again, not the betrayed. The weather was perfect and the sunshine despite the fish ate well. Or I can now say that well, because during the day the probe shown in the amount of fish in the ice was finally time for the little fish.

The sea bass was really loud while driving, and the fish thrown into the screen somewhere far from the side or even under the ice. Bass went poking around information and many flock to the ui just past. I got eight filekalaa bite to information, but more would have been offered. The day the big fish was 610g and it was winter’s second-biggest perch.

This time the fish bandit a small cheese leather plate tail was the most effective

And the biggest perch speaking of, it’s the boogeyman arrived a few days ago home. Below a few pictures trofeesta, perch find their place on the bedroom wall and every morning when I open my eyes, I see the first giant bass 😄

Trophies made of kuopio professional Kari Hiltunen

Were yesterday again Nilakalla. The last time Juha got there a good fish and I instead of the jig blank. I don’t know why I imagined things to go differently this time.

Enthusiasm was a propeller involved to try their luck. Gliding with was immediately a problem, because the ice was rained several inches of snow. Well don’t let it bother you, progress but not as fast.

Juha immediately went to the beach in a different direction than me and I finished the map to view my location on. The wind was quite impossible and, fortunately with the wind making just a moderate pace. When you finally reach the very potential looking area, your cellphone will Juhalta message and he already had the first filekala on the ice.

No point sending it back to the fish pictures. I did the first hole and what’s what, the map is not correctly true, but water was below 19 meters. Well, what about this is freezing in the wind, and the snow tahmovalla propeller, I was looking for fishing spots.

I did a slight shift and the waters from the eyes drain of drilling a new hole. Now should be the right depth. The sonar on top and the water was below 18 meters. Okay. Niistetäänpäs nose and kept on going. Leather mitts was forced to keep on hand.

If I go one hundred meters to the sea, so it probably can already be found under ten feet of water. While the ”tears” on the cheeks towards the new characters and the hole in the ice. Either now got your tasurinkin in the water?

17 meters. Clear.

In frustration I decided to do a slightly longer transition. Yes it started that low find!

Lo and behold, again 17 meters. What this lake is supposed to be and who these curves is ”invented”? They, indeed, was probably the hat thrown in, because none of its morning depth of the curve is not true. Juhalta came another message and the previous fish bigger filekala pötkötti involved the mouth on the ice.

Yeah, yeah, in a minute you will get only message, as long as now I could get involved the lake. I went straight towards the shore and yes at some point be forced to lower. But still not following either winter, because the water was 16 feet.

Is this a hidden camera? Next, I went so close to the beach, that the depth of the curve of the line was no longer dotted. Scared a little that auger to the bottom or a rock.

And tadah, ten meters! Heh Heh, I finally got involved in the swim. Yes it was a pain the behind. Fish is not the hole you found and since Juha had received their own fish 8 feet of water, I was brave enough to go back a little to the sea. Now found eight of water, a victory for the advocates!

And then the phone rang. ”Come here, here is the fishfinder full of fish!”. Suddenly the sensor up to the propeller and bow towards Juha. Come!

I go against the wind towards 800 metres from the Juha. Fish-eyed, huffing and puffing and pushing propellers. Forward I couldn’t look at, because the wind was hard and the eyes leaked water so much so that your cheeks were wet.

Yes I can do this the way to go, because the prize is waiting as soon as I get involved the water. Mind bike the big ajoahvenet, which would come tärppimään information to control.

Finally I get there and I made a hole in the ice and John ice next. Juha lifted the hotel to a fish and I’m waiting for the first bass showed up on the screen. The fish reportedly appeared in three meters, so the information is worth leaving up for a swim.

Juha update his own probe of view, all the time. Again, you receive many fish and all the rising involved the…

Look at Juha and his own probe, but only John winter was events. I wonder if my probe was broken when it doesn’t show anything, although the hole spacing is only four meters?

Juhalla fish bag was filled at a good pace big the most perch in the four hundred grams of hujakoilla. Mind coming back to the previous trip Nilakalle, when the even was being the adjacent avannoilla and only Juha got fish.

I did around the new hole in the ice and I was experimenting with that too, but the first page breathing ajoahventa not my probe appeared. Hours I could it a try, after which I went in every direction and the deepest that the shallower water looking for perch without results. Sometimes there are these days.

Blank requester

Home took we only had His fishing bag, which was bulging bass. Special for the day was that Juha got his fish so many different information on. Color and size should vary all the time, and the reason perches of varying information hunger was revealed in the home of John peratessa fish. Fish stomachs found in mm. kiiskeä, small 5cm under bark and 12cm assholes. That’s why so many different information work.

This fishing is, sometimes I fish and sometimes not. And, at times, also becomes the instrument losses. On one fishing trip go kehivapa siimoineen and tasurein and another trip to crash the beach in the backpack and backpack’s pocket fell to the ground practically new Marttiini knife, which the dripping I noticed until the next trip, looking for a knife. I wonder what next is in store? It is what we see in the coming weeks 😄

Article Tärpitön season was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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