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As already in the last blog post I told you, we got the weekend as a guest a few information for wild in Southern Finland. We spent three days on the ice and some of them Savo waters ice fishing was a new thing. We had a great time and luckily found some fish in there.

The first guests arrived already on Thursday evening, so get to fishing as soon as Friday, when we headed for the pretty bright vendace lakes. There the fishing depth is more than 10 meters.

The whole weekend was the promised time of bad weather conditions, which meant good fishing weather. The worst would have been, if the size of the ice fishing vacation the time would have been the high pressure and sunshine, then it would surely have been ice fishing empty.

Friday it was snowing. Or is their a giant falling from the sky of the wet rags to the snow flaked to say, such a block when messes with my face, so yes, it was the lenses wet. However, it does not matter, because for some reason its like the dog in the air makes the fish hungry.

We were at the beach just after seven. We had more of the vehicle involved, which was reached to move on the ice. The fishing spot was viewed on a map, so the destination was clear.

Friday petteri has still had all utilities included…

The first place we literally bombed full of holes. A big crowd and a wide potential range, yes it of the equation, one would expect to produce results, but not. I got it one of the crayfish, perch and perhaps other received nothing. The hole amount after was able with certainty to say that the fish weren’t there.

Information, however =D

Three hours of searching after the change took place and it was a wise decision. New place to perch began to eat almost immediately and my ice fishing game keltamaha cheese rivets again to harvest.

I got the lure the fish screen by making a big wet movements. Perches are for some reason in recent weeks the likes of fishing, the game Punk particularly when the information is given a ride. And that ride has been both floated on that information to move the design vertically. Big bass are spotted tricks to do Punk already from a distance.

Having a hole in the ice, on Friday all my fish came from this small area

I got a pretty huge fish on Friday and the biggest of them was 870g/39cm, in addition to several one-pound fish. Eight bass weighing more than 4kg.

The day of the big perch 870g/39cm
A staggering pot, again =)

Others hit a good fish, and five ways fish gutting level seemed to finally this. On the table was fair more +500g perch less than puolo. Huge ? Thank you to Petter, and got herself a boning works!

Not past this heap to perch in our home found =)

Saturday outfit was a bit grown up and we headed to the same lake than on Friday. Drive is about an hour and it’s pretty reasonable distance, unless you have to drive three times. Petteri forget ice fishing suit our car in the garage and noticed it to the opposite shore. It wasn’t, than to leave the dress search trip ?

The rest of the eight we headed to the lake. I got the day of the first avannoilta a few fish and of course I had another Kid wet, because it has worked so well.

Drone Photo: Ilkka Turunen

Fish deactivate itself, so I changed the Punk color, after which the air hole below the perch loft was activated immediately to eat. A swarm from one of the fish towards the information and it turned out to be 650 grams for ahvenkin. Just when I had got the fish up on the ice, and Ilkka Petteri came to the beach and drove to my next snowmobile.

650g perch coming in rushing for a bite to

The flock got spooked and lost the same way and it’s not to date anymore ? Day only filekalat came when the morning and even this afternoon I was wandering around still in the sled a few potential places, I didn’t see the probe in no more than sinttejä.

My Saturday fish

Was Saturday food fish, but the day was much more challenging than on Friday. The challenge also says something about the fact that John day was the MP.

The sausage tastes like
Drone Photo: Ilkka Turunen
Drone Photo: Ilkka Turunen

On Sunday we left a little dark drew upon to adopt a more to the lake, where the fishing depth was less. The lake had bass in addition to possible aim to also keep the standard. And pike ?

We were at the beach a little after sunrise, just as the other mornings. The morning started well, when already the first winter was alive. I got a few small perch, but can that the 150 grams of fish seemed small, is now used to them half a pound of ?

Yeah, I know that forever won’t ice you can throw half a kilo of fish. The truth is, I’m really pleased with the few last weeks, when I’ve gotten so good at bass, although I kilograms of fish are found. Not about pounds of bass, but fortunately, I no longer stress when the monkey is once the back is dropped. Now pilkitty casual twist ☺

Sunday morning, during the day the gang got a few filekaloja, but not anything bigger. Pekka find their own ahvenensa unusual place. Although the lake was already familiar to me and I fished there a lot, Peter could see the depth of the curve with new eyes. He immediately found fileahventa, but of course on the will also a few pike ?

Bob’s morning perch (Photo: Pekka Leino)

Traded half-day time slot and still nothing monster bass found. I got a couple of small filekalaa and the other was a few perch, which the whole class was 200-400g. The fish is clearly been unloaded, because the fish became so slow the pace.

Sami looking for all day keep the standard and fortunately, toughness was rewarded, as he got the fish robbers can stock with walleye. Great story!

We have to stop ice fishing in good time, because some of the group went home on Sunday. Rudolph, I think my drive to be less than 500km, but it is not ice fishing (and the other involved the wild) would do.

The ice loss is looming, but Pekka was still quickly looked at the depth of the curves and decided to go try to one fishing spot. He obviously got someone’s vision, for a moment we got cell phone pictures of no. 40cm perch. Pekka had found ajoahventa and again the place was all new to me, although there was the familiar lake. Others see skills to see ajoahvenetkin those maps ?

Photo: Pekka Leino

Better not be ice fishing day you can go, the weather was good and the company’s even better. And some fish come! Common sausage bake session in the middle of the day was always a nice break when it was possible to visit the morning’s events through.

I did during the weekend, more than 10 liters of perch soup and yes sank to all. Perch is an awesome fish in every respect; a real great looking, challenging fish, and great tasting. It also connects people, as we have seen ?

Was today John with yet alone test it Friday and Saturday the lake and yes there still fish to be found. Five filekalaa men with a combined weight of less than 4kg.

Last week the diet has consisted of more or less bass and seems the same line continues. Well I’m not complaining, perch is good and at some point the fish income, however, will end. Let’s just enjoy these moments.

Tänääänkin hundred big snow=)

Thanks Peter, Tom (the pirate), Bob (the fish game), Sami, Jari, Ilkka and Sam, let’s do it again next year!

The article involved the wild Savo was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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