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Information for wild winter date

In the most anticipated ice fishing trip is back and yes those winter dates are always a memorable event. Nice setting and great people! Date are in week four and the weather conditions were not able to influence, but otherwise, always know, that nice stuff is in store.

Juha has taken on a date always a couple kalakukot and even involved the terrible event is about, I always have a little morrittelemaan before Ruokkeelle departure. Look what happened to the last day of the ”great” morrikelit, frost namely was over 20 degrees and little wind virekin went, but didn’t help the appeal, rooster fish had to be obtained.

We had a sled under renovation and just before trip departure to get it in shape. Or I’m looking at, but next to, when Juha worked in the garage on the floor, but the main thing that Lynkka works again. To make the sled run and see if it will now serve even for a while.

It works again =)

Was the sled Sotkalla rooster fish looking for. The ice was everywhere in the terrible snow and snow under the water. It was thought that the ice conditions were Sotkalla bad, but in retrospect they were just ok, as Hummonselällä they were really bad.

We had Sotkalla ice fishing tent included and was put in a jig backpack in the tent side by side. The tent was surprisingly a good town. Small fish not really biting, but almost turned it filekaloja ? Fortunately was little sinttejä a little bit.

Juha had room for challenges to the rooster fish fishing in 🙂

They had to go to the rooster fish hunt the next day. The frost gauge was showing -22C, but not more than the tent up and inside morrittelemaan. The wind does not bite your fingers at all, when going to the tent shelter.

Was packed the beach in the goods pulk and then Juha said, that tent is still in the garage. Oh, man, please. Let’s go to toughen the country’s fingers puruvesi just for the trip, why don’t we a few hours be fine without a tent.

Fish couldn’t find any. Yes then it is a rooster fish holes are filled, when you don’t need them, but it a couple of times a year when they goes out ice fishing, not sure to find. A few hours and a few minnow after we left home, and was applied for the rest of the fish trade. There was a suitable Puruvesi vendace for sale ☺

I got perhaps the smallest bass ever, it didn’t weigh anything 🙂

Juha ”Hannu Partanen-Goose” made me fish rooster gluten-free version, was definitely the best cock I’ve ever eaten, thank you!

Buckwheat flour made from fish, rooster, all the best!

Wednesday morning at six o’clock was the departure towards Ruokkeen holiday village. The trip was awful and the snow fell horizontally. Along the way there were several cars in the ditch, but fortunately we stayed on the road. Trailer on the back face between the drive for five bucks, when the visibility was snowfall and pöllyävä of snow because of the zero.

We arrived in the morning and ate a little lunch, after which we left on the ice. Juhahan received last date on the first day, pounds of bass and that fish found already the fourth hole in the ice. Monenneltako note the hole from Hannu Goose this year, the pound pulls?

The familiar cottage was waiting for us 🙂
Towards Hummon!

We were warned of bad ice conditions and I would never have believed that they really were so bad. In previous years we have luxusolosuhteet compared with this year.

The beach in not much hummonselkä have you seen

We left the beach towards the first fishing spot. The first couple hundred meters I think, that the good here is to go with a sled. Then start the sled to sink. The sled was going to get caught all the time and I was afraid to do back dry the face at all. Between luckily, I found kuivempikin area, which dared the sled stopped, but when the sled is sinking in the freezing cold slush, so telasto freezes instantly overgrown.

When we were driven a quarter Hummonselällä, I decided that this date is not the place to fish during the day vary. If I can get the sled to have a career along the morning one, so it nakotetaan throughout the day. Then let’s move while on foot and looking for fish in the surrounding area.

Found in drier point and decided to stay there. It’s still snowing horizontally and the ice didn’t show anything other than white. The map on the basis of the place seemed good and there was a wider potential kairattavaa.

The snow was enough

I started to walk kelkalta and the first snow was so much, Juha measured on one point the snow depth and it was a 42cm. There would have been nothing, if the snow would be dry ice up to the surface, but soon felt like feet were stuck in the ice closed.

Under the snow was water loskakerros, which made the movement completely hopeless. Legs froze in an instant, the pulk bottom froze instantly, wet auger froze in an instant… the Date didn’t start quite as expected and I was pretty sure a five-day MP-pipe as soon as the first day after the first hour. And everything was crowned by a hard frost.

Every time when the auger to drill into the ice to catch up, this happened

The fishing spot was quiet, but we had no options. Our own kelkkaura up the snowfall and also all the old career disappeared Wednesday during. We have up for single only one spot and hope for the best.

Rantamäen Manu sent me information for the date for and soaked I was that desperate. I was already accustomed to the blank screen staring at, when from the bottom left lonely lines per information. It comes to speed!

In the pause after the producer of the perch of the fishing line later, it was again a fact. Lapoin line on the ice and very pretty 31cm stripe shirt saw the light of day. These fish after I got the other crazy comments color hook use, don’t be. I said that if the information the manufacturer themselves put the color of the hook involved, then it may be ? there Was a date also morrittelijoita, but not all of them believed in it more ?

It’s not fish it’s not even eating that color hooked =)

That’s the first day and fish by the way, became the fourth hole in the ice. Hannu for the Goose MP.

The next day the weather was really bright and a hundred degrees colder. Our cabin wasn’t cold the gauge, but never before I’ve got frostbite of the fingers, so Thursday was like a shockingly cold weather. Thumb head is still white, thankfully-esteem slowly began to return to the fingers.

Awesome weather, even when it would have been 20 degrees little milder…

Go first thing in the morning the previous day’s scene, because it was known that there is a tough area, which can be the sled park. I was also kicked a little I put a patch on the pre.

The count of the new little flash hole in the ice and immediately began to show on the fish below. A moment from the next yard had a little flash to give the fish and soon another one, but it missed the events of the day. Actually it was the other nine fingers for luck, it did not have you far away, that the other fingers would freeze to death. Wet hands in freezing temperatures and fishing would have been awful. Mitts hand can’t fish lift, so good but, that day the balance was left to the two perches.

The second day of the two fish

Those cottagers who dared hummon have a sled suhas, got really good fish and rightly so. On Thursday one of savolainen’s cottage, came to pounds of perch and in addition to more than 10kg filekalaa, huge pot! But look at the pictures below, this huge pot require!

I was struck by this
And here

On the ice was the worst point in 30cm of water and it still snow on top. And uveavantoja here and there. The clear ice was 10-15cm, but certainly not everywhere. Some even found the point, with no clear ice.

We had enough sore feet, that is afraid to go sled bad loskapaikkoihin. And because the sled has only just been resolved nor was it properly yet have been enough time to test, that either could not 100% trust, so Friday morning we headed back to the earlier days of the place. Was worth it! It is not necessary to throw once down during the day off and fingers remained warm. So no fish the whole day ?

Hmmm, are we missing something?

When the pulls were fish there so starting to laugh, as the pulk was missing all the stuff =D Auger, drill, backpack, fishing rods and involved since all had flown the pulk. That the upper side in the figure at the top right shows a black dot, there they all the goods then find the. So I hope all the stuff =) One wild have otherwise knocked Heinola orange 6″ auger on the ice, if someone finds it then let me know 🙂

The third day after we were asked what we are going to go on the fourth day, i.e. on Saturday. Saturday is a date so to speak pääpäivä, because we have a playful perch competition and the biggest bass got rattling get the boys, i.e. the trophy for the year.

When I told him that we go to the same place as the previous day, so everyone keeps asking me with disbelief, that why you are again there you go stupid to ask. Three nearly empty the day didn’t get me discouraged, but trust and believe, that yes there fish sometimes eat. Well, in actual fact, we chose a place just on the basis that there went kelkkaura ?

Saturday was the fishing spot before sunrise and yes, it was an easy trip to the beach, when I was driving hard along the slot. Left the sled park and how happened, that ”in that parking lot” to leave one career towards the hotspot with a tablet. For once, effortless transition to winter.

First thing in the morning avannoilla view of life. It was such a strange feeling, when the three days had been staring at that stupid probe and now we find it was fish. Sam got already before nine in just over half a kilo of fish and after the other lines tightened.

Good Sam!

Interesting, that part of the wild jig up to 13cm involved in, but our cottagers to four of the five got the best of fish with a small information. I got a Saturday day all fish trout with a leather small levypyrstöisellä fish bandit and Juha and Sam got their fish a little flash.

I got a couple no. 700g fish
That the top fish which become involved, weighing just under 700g

I would have thought that Saturday’s win is enough fair 700g perch, but it was enough. And even if the trophy came into our family, so what’s your guess, Hannu for the Goose or me ?

My day’s largest bass was 40cm, but really quite slim shape, so Juha took the trophy in the shorter, but heavy fish. The winning fish weighed 744g. Good Luck Hansel! Fish hungry you happen to be just the right day.

Saturday was a great day, certainly the best day producer at never. Although I didn’t get any wild prey, so still I was happy with the few filekaloja. The fish was served terribly, but the majority of fish did not, for some reason I drew a blank, although the rise too involved. Everyone else noticed the same phenomenon.

The fish appear much

The hole under the swim between the big bass that I’ve never kind of lines seen. Therefore, we Sunday ice fishing location coordinates are from Saturday or any other day much to deviate from ?

Our cottagers fish, was going to be crowded counter, then 🙂

Saturday wasn’t quite so hard frost, just a couple of dozens, but yes, it again hands feel cold when wet fish was touched. Fortunately, I realized on Saturday to take Nevercoldin heated mitts. I ask myself, that why they mittens were on Thursday in a cabin and not with ice, when was it horribly cold weather. Would definitely thumb all right yet.

I got the Facebook side comment, that isn’t a date released: 40cm perch. Those frost fish liberation is doomed idea, five seconds, and the fish’s eyes are frozen. Also ice fishing depth may be such that fish can no longer simply be able to release.

The fish went like this soda bottle, froze instantly

On Sunday there was still ice fishing and in the morning when I stepped into the cottage yard, so the weather felt almost summery. Breeze wasn’t sure at all and the frost, too, only -18C.

Sunday pilkkikeli was definitely the best of the whole trip. Too bad that the fish is not properly risen. Or rose’s Sam, it’s freezing monsters a little hole in the ice the better side, but after it came off. Hummon have echoed the profanity.

I went to Sam’s house, and in that situation it people needed peer support. Face white, hands shaking Sam told me what had happened. Well next year we’ll find that fish, can I help it up in taking.

Lovely air!

Antti received on Sunday their record ahveneni, 630g. Antti walk on the ice every day either snowshoes or skis and it was awesome to witness Antti record ahveneni income. That fish had to do real work!

Antti own record perch (630g) the fish bandit a little flash, good luck!
Antti leaving the perch hunt on skis

Really great job, that each of our cottage five members broke the one-pound limit. Roni got us to the cottagers for the higher perch, 770g. That fish came on Friday and Saturday here, it would have received a trophy.. a Year from then more accurate timing 😉

Thank you for the best date of the whole wild bunch! Next year again, leaves the song…;)

Thanks also to Ruokkeen resort is the staff!

Article information wild winter date was published for the first time the FISH WE LUCK.

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