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Winter date for tasurihurjen at Haukivesi

We have now gathered for a couple of years for a ice-fishing date with tasuripilkkijat and until last year the date has been in Puruvesi. The Hummon back was getting a bit too familiar and the same places were being toured year after year, so it was decided to change the date place to another body of water. Error.

Our trip was almost fishless. Well, there were some striped shirts, but considering that there were nearly 20 of us on the ice at the moment, the eating was bad. Or there was simply no eating, because during Date week there was actually no perch in the lake. I smiled a little bit when Leino Pekka and I rolled the livs side by side and calculated that almost five figures are stuck on the ice in the fishing gear and still no fish can be found 😅 They don’t make things happy and to get fish, you have to be in a fishy place first of all. Nothing is bad for nothing. 

Live (Photo: Petteri Palviainen)

Tasuritreffikki brought me back to earth nicely and, strangely enough, I can appreciate the fish I caught differently. Sometimes, when fishing, the thought might have crept into one’s mind, ‘this is easy,’ but now you realise and remember that they are silly ideas. The fish are always one step ahead of us. 

The date week was difficult for tasuripikkivi and some didn’t get perch at all. I spent three days fishing with nothing and three days catching fish, but they were also number one. No one had any giant fish bags when they came to shore, despite fishing on two different backs. 

And the challenges of the week didn’t end with no fish. Mentally and physically, it was harder to go out on the ice in a really crazy slump. I didn’t envy the footmen. 

Some of the group had a snowmobile with them and it was easier to get around. We also had a sled which, although due to the slush, started acting up. It was probably too inefficient for two ice fishermen and an awful lot of junk, so after Date week we said goodbye to it and at the moment we are sled-free. 

One morning: “nothing goes in moderation.”
Only one flat loss in this äksident (tailplane came off)

Haukivesi’s date was the smallest date ever and we decided that next year the water will be changed again. On the other hand, it is pointless to blame the lake, if one’s skills are not enough to find fish, but the pike-perch will still be forgotten 😅 Brighter waters are more big perch on tasur to the liking of ice fishing. 

For me, the best day on a date with fish was Monday, when I caught some good sized perch with the biggest one being 40cm. On Monday night I thought, Where will we end up with all the fish at the end of the week, when already the first day gave such good fish. Luckily, Pekka said with a smile that he had been wise from afar and brought the vacuum machine with him. The rest is history. 😁

Fish thief’s tiny cheese skin lightened gave Monday’s fish

From the text above, it might sound as if our week was full of sheer misery, but it wasn’t. The most important thing on a date is to meet dear friends from all over Finland and enjoy a whole week in the nature. Fish is secondary. We had a great setting and nice cottages on the shore of Haukivesi. 

This landscape and this atmosphere left me speechless

In addition, for me the most memorable thing of the trip was to go swimming in the ice for the first time. I mean, you can’t call it swimming, but I went for a six-time dip in the ice hole during the week and got a bit hooked on that wonderful feeling. 

This lakeside sauna had perfect steam!

When we got home from a date, we went to our home waters to see if fishing is really as challenging everywhere at the moment. I happened upon a hole in the ice just during the perch lunch hour and offered the fish a secret leathery XL Brat. The perch only had a half-hour lunch break, so the hands had to go fast, but something came up. 

The live view in the probe was crazy, as big mortar perch came from many directions and of course I dropped one really heavy perch, so all the fish lost interest in tasur. But I felt pretty good again after a week of almost nothing. 😁

Kalapelen XL Punk works

One year ago in February, the ice conditions were really bad and we were on Ice Fishing Break for almost a month, when we didn’t want to go floundering on the ice. Now things are starting to look a bit the same again, as a lot of water has risen on the ice in some places. 

There is no snowmobile and the slush is slow (and heavy!!!), so now let’s twiddle our thumbs and look at potential fishing sites near the continent on a map. On the other hand, we are already looking forward to spring, if and when we can get propellers on the ice. Then you’d go back to the backwaters and chase a perch 😊

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