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We have been for several years a tradition to organize information for wild winter date puruvesi in Ruokkeen holiday village. Usually the dates have always been week four. This year it happened that way, that we had to cancel the whole date bad ice conditions because of the.

Annoyed like so much, when Ruokkeelle is always gathered a lot of information rattling friends around Finland. Well, but the next year, then try again. The previous year date, you can read by clicking on the year number: 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Last year was invented to organize small-scale date also in Kuopio and traditiohan became immediately 😄 People fell in love with our lake and this year it was decided to date Iisveden on the beach. Last year the date can be read from this link.

One involved the wild man came to Savo already a week earlier, and was celebrated a few days on the lake together. Petteri experience memorable moments of Savo on the lake, because the lines were the whole trip tense. Seriously.

Four days of wild fish inputs and can say that tasureissa hit the color options button. One day Peter broke his own TOP 5 record and a five fish average weight was wildly 744 grams. Sometimes I’m Rudolph’s mouth heard that Savo would be crooked on the perch, but apparently I turned into a little vacation during the trip 😄

He does not smile coagulated in four days
Propeller the weather was right

I had a few fishing events and fish bandit cheese with a leather reduce by become the winter of the second largest perch weighing in at 920g. The fish came in 14 meters of water, but rose six feet floated the fish robber.

Smaller information good enough even for a large ahvenelle, well, that perches in the stomach should be bigger to catch a fish, I think I’ve fit in either
One day the fish are, all the same information for the

I was also Sotkalla before Iisveden trip and there is yes, this winter almost every trip found a food fish. I don’t remember Sotka was this generous in many years.

Sotkalla through a blizzard
Sotkalta again a few filekala according to the days of having a game fish game hile Kid with a yellow stomach

Was John with Iisveden to the cabin early Friday morning, because the purpose was ice fishing all day. However, after enough time in the game of the day, because the crew had had time to get the already very bass first thing in the morning. New eating thorns is no longer seen and I’ve got a day of balance was two filekalaa. Fortunately, the ice fishing was in store for two more days.

Dream date place Iisveden on the beach
View of the ice to the cottage, or a house that I guess =)

Friday and Saturday was really bright and sunny weather. The ice wasn’t snow, so maybe the perch was pressed in the clear water a deep. I know for some reason the dodge perches really well and in the end of the three day perch balance, I was able to almost count the fingers of two hands.

My information for the day so not right not to tell, because the events wasn’t really at all. The holes should do just freak out and still, every winter was as well. Own toolbox not found ottiväri games.

The days passed comfortably in the sun, and the scenery looking up at =)
View to the lake cottage stairs

On the third day the weather changed slightly and the sunshine turned the snow to rain. Then I got four filekalaa and apparently their own involved the colors are targeted more bad weather for 😄

My biggest perch Iisvedeltä 450g, the fish will UV white mahaisen have hile Nulikalla

Leino, Pekka was Livescope involved and is it a miracle device. Pekka kept hotel adjacent to the hole for that 15 metres in that direction goes to the perch. Or that seven meters in another direction is a fish in the bottom.

Then when Bob’s advice to place to make a hole in the ice, so yes, fish was there. A different thing of course was that if he got the fish to take, but the huge aids such equipment. They do require quite a battery, so do not envy using heavy sledges on the roadie, especially if the ice happens to be a lot of snow 😅

Left Pekka’s calling from the right to sit for Petter, what’s Rudolph’s winter happened under =D
Cookie break, that can again tasuroida wild

Iisvesi was a tricky lake and any producer of a like a catch out there did not become, though certainly sometimes iisvesi, too, can surprise. There is, however, no one celebrated älyttömillä the number, but yes there perch food get to eat, when merged with each fish. Own contribution to the common pot was at times kind of suck =D

Common fish (photo: Petteri Palviainen)

A trip to the big perch go Jarnolle and Jarnon luottoviehe Iisveden trip was a XL Puppy. Similarly, Pekka work XL Punk well. But guess whether that information for me? Didn’t work, because your colors do not please their crooked escb.. no nice savolainen of the perch’s eyes.

Involved the frenzied crowd a large perch Jarnolle, fish dimensions 780g/38cm
Bob’s fish on Sunday evening (photo: Pekka Leino)

Our cottage was such a stunning location, that tosikaan. You could say that the outfit was a few days in paradise. Below are a few dronella pictures taken, the photographer Ilkka Turunen.

Find a picture of three ice fishing old man =D This is such a great image, just amazing!
Already miss you all the information friends, thanks to all ❤

The whole winter has been pretty incredible prop work and has been awesome thanks to the propeller on the ice. Now it rains about four inches of snow, so it was time to dig lynkka the garage from the depths. This winter prop is gone just as easily to the fishing spot than the engine kelkala, but now when propeller the weather ran out, it’s nice to get further out there on the lake for the back.

Monday was taken so lynkka the kärriin and was directed to the lake. It was a strange feeling to get to the fishing spots as quickly and hengästymättä 😄 Nice it is the engine of sledging between ☺

I bought a new Chap-information for the, when Taavitsaisen Ismolla so happens to be a good color Man for sale. Originally, I bought involved the Iisveden trip and one filekalan for there I did, but the return home involved the started to run, so to speak, pretty hard.

On Monday morning I tried a few different information, and their only Chap got a life to the screen. Well uitellaan then 😄

I still remember when Peter came to our area a couple weeks ago. He had the right ottiväri you in a box and therefore also the whole time the events of the probe on the screen, I have not so much. Then I was quite sure that I can go ice fishing, while the other lifts the fish and your screen is blank. The same feeling came Iisvedellä and then I was thinking that maybe it’s 1.8 kg record perch was completely lucky fish.

When Monday own from one box to find another ottiväri, the feeling that it’s not ice fishing was not so hard. The right color when you put on the fishing rod, the fish just appeared on the sonar screen out of nowhere. The most challenging aspect of fishing is to find the day ottiväri and sometimes they work, colors might change during the day more than once..

This last couple of weeks I’ve really figured out the color meaning, yes it is small to catch up. For example, Iisvedellä I tried probably 15 different color from the Sport, but once involved the back or stomach is not found just the right tone, so the fish yes indicate its absence.

The same has also been stressed fish place of importance. Perch is between a stubborn creature and sometimes it goes so that if the hole is not a fairy tale just a tee shirt with stripes of the above, the fish doesn’t care about you lure him. Pekka Livescope experimentation after understanding that always it is not enough that’s going to fish next. Nope, between the two metriäkin is too much. The hole in the ice is to do exactly the right place. Point.

Juha test your theory on Monday and made two holes a couple of meters from each other. The second hole was empty, the other’s a fish. And fish came in from the hole in the ice, which was made of second. I ask you, how??? At least now itself come to change the idea of the world a little bit and if there is a sure fishing spot, is it worth to punch a time full.

In general, yes I’ve worked it so that if I get some ice from the fish, I do around 4-5 holes and I also tried them. Maybe the middle hole should be made even closer when so far distances may have been even ten meters. Not sure it two a foot at times would be any bad try.

The same place to scan properly, even if the first or even the still kymmeneskään winter does not give signs of life, because the eleventh hole in the ice can blow up the pot.

On Monday the fish was on the move a lot. Bass was moving in the bottom and a big bogey came on the screen, but they were difficult to get to rise. Cheese-/kuoreparvia appear almost every winter and often in the floor, so the food yes was enough. Then, when the information for a glimpse into the fish’s field of view from the right angle, the fish took off towards the lure.

These is a nice hike on the ice
Cheese or smelt the intermediate in the water

At one stage the day I saw a probe in someone’s glimpse of a couple of meters of ice below decks. Lifting involved, immediately there and I felt almost as soon as sharkbait. Well siikahan it 😄

Yes it’s cheese involved siialle tastes like =)

While up came the perch were good size, the songs not very many to come. When I came home we had a big fish bag and after a long time smoke in the toilet to get going. Or electric smoker that is so they should you got to forget 😄

The day of the big perch was 640g
In addition to a few a bit smaller
Huh, that’s great, this Chap-information, veins of the jokelaista crafts!
All day filekalat come from Man-information for the
The biggest perch smoked

Yesterday I was still on the snowmobile ice fishing, when once a momentum was reached. Daily balance of five bass, with the biggest 700g.

Pretty appura hile Nulikalla

The situation, where I got the biggest perch, was special. I had been in the same hole in the ice on for about 20 minutes and during that time tried a few different information, which for the last ten minutes soaking a cheese Brat. Probe to draw quite empty.

Decided again to change lures and put a line from someone-yellow-bellied involved, when it rains the snow. Sometimes harmaammilla conditions the yellow bellies might surprise… as I hit the Sotkalla last time, well acted hile Punk, Sotkalla was more or less a similar weather.

I go to calculate the information quickly to the hole in the ice and drop during the information going swimming somewhere in the real page, and lost the beam. When I was dropped involved of about eight meters, I gave information of the sliding hole in the ice below. In the same way, when the bottom (the water was 14 metres) is sent to the four good sized lines so determined per the information on.

I got sharkbait and I started to lift the fish up. At the same time looking at the sonar and saw that the rest of the fish began to disappear from the screen. When the fish was on the ice, I asked next to the Juha to take a quick photo. After that I removed the information and the screen was again blank.

I don’t know if I’d have time to get to the other perch flocks, if I had dropped involved the right back, usually they sharply information for rose bass yes swam so fast that they often have time to go with the flow.

When I put the information back into the ice-hole, there appeared no sign of the big ones körmyistä. Again, in that situation, noticed its color of meaning when I was, however, completely the same Kid in it for a moment, float up and then only the color change trigger ahvenissa appetite.

This winter has yes obtained eat perch is commendable in itself be a wonderful winter fishing income ratio. I think in previous winters MP-trips have become much more frequent, this winter completely empty trips not very many, I don’t remember whether the first.

The last perch meal was the perch-smoked salmon soup, yum!

The article involved the guests Savo was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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