Tie TV – Baby Sandeel (AWESOME SEA TROUT FLY) – Steffan Jensen

Sea trout can be found in many different environments and they have a wide variety of food to choose from – everything from shrimps to all kinds of different baitfish. One of them is sandeel which in some places and during some periods of the year is a very important source of food for the trout, and for these situations you need to be ready with a bunch of sandeel imitations in your fly box. This "Baby Sandeel" by Steffan Jensen is a great sandeel type fly that will work great in these situations. In this video, he will show exactly how to tie this quick, easy and effective sea trout fly. List with all exact materials used: Follow Fly-Dressing on Instagram: Check out the FLY TV playlist for more fly tying videos: Subscribe to kanalgratisdotse:

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