TIE TV – Bauer’s Flash Tail Baitfish

Fly tying is one off the best ways to spend off season, waiting for open water. In this video Niklaus Bauer ties one off the best baitfish imitations around – the Flash Tail Baitfish. You can spice it up even more by adding a loose magic head in front of the fly to make it push more water! MATERIAL LIST:
Hook: Ahrex NS 110 #2
Glue: Zap brush on, Gulff UV resin Fl. Red and Thinman
Thread: Textreme Power thread 25D White
Tail: Polarflash Mirage and Lateral scale Mirage
Head: Predator dubbing in Colors Dirty NB, Tan and Pearl
Eyes: Fly-Dressing stick on eyes 4,8mm Pearl
Body: Sculpting Flash Fiber in colors Livebait, Natural belly and Natural
Add a Magic Head R13 for extra vibrations. LEAVE A COMMENT why you need this fly in your fly box and we will send you the very fly Bauer tied in the video within 2 weeks from the release date. Follow us on Instagram:

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