Tie the TV, the Bauer’s Open the Tube to Escape with the 2.0 ūüĒ•

Pike tube flies have some obvious advantages over hook flies, two of them being the possibility to change hooks and the great balance in the water. You might already have seen a few pike tube fly tying videos by Niklaus Bauer on YouTube but this is an improved version with a Magic Head tied onto it for maximum profile and waterpushing qualities. It's simply one hell of a great pike fly with a tendency to catch really big pike. GIVE AWAY! Leave a comment why you need this one in your fly box and we will give away the exact fly tied in this video. HOW TO MAKE THE BAUER PIKE RIG: MATERIAL LIST:
Tube: Bauer pike tube clear
Glue: Zap brush on, Epoxy, Gulff UV resin thinman
Thread: Textreme Power thread 100D
Head: Ripple ice fiber in shrimp pink, silver and pink.
Predaturdubbing in Pearl
Eyes: Fly Dressing Epoxy eyes oval pupil black / pearl.
Body: Magic Head R14
Bucktail in white, Fl. pink, shad grey, Whiting Spey hackle salmon, Whiting
saddle hackles in dun and white (ostrich is a great substitute)
Bauer Premium Nayat XL in white
Hedron Magnum Flashabou, Opal Mirage, pearl a glow pink, silver and pearl
dyed pink.
In the dubbing loop:
Hedron Flashabou holo silver, polar flash silver, lateral scale small, flashabou
silver, mirage in pink
(The tool is the Petitjean Mp Twister)
Balance weight: Bauer pike bead 0,6 or 0,8 grams Follow us on Instagram: Check out the Tie TV playlist for more fly tying videos: Subscribe to kanalgratisdotse: #flytying #pikeflyfishing #tietv

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