TIE TV – Bauer’s Shaggy Dub Shrimp (Insane UV)

In this episode of TIE TV we are going to take a classic Shrimp fly and turn it to a bad ass, pulsating Shrimp fly. The magic to make it pulsate the way it does is called Shaggy Dub, it is a dubbing consisting of small rubber "legs" which makes the fly move even in the slowest of retrieves actually even when it’s standing still and we know how much seatrout loves rubber legs don’t we. Give this fly a go in waters where the sea run brown trout feeds on shrimp, and you will never throw a shrimp without Shaggy Dub again – we promise. Be sure to check out Fly Dressings own channel for more cool patterns to tie: Below are all the materials you need to make this fly: Hook: Ahrex NS 122 # 2-6 (4)
Glue: Zap brush on
Thread: Textreme Power thread 25, 50D White
Tail: Whiting Rooster Spey Hackle GD dyed Tan, Coq de Leon Rooster Cape dyed Salmon, Polarflash in Gold
Head: Tread colored dark. Eyes: Easy Shrimp eyes FL.Yellow
Body: Shaggy Dub in Tan, Senyo’s fusion dub Crusty Nail, SLF Prism in Gold, Rusty Brown and Hares ear, SLF Saltwater in Fl. Shell pink. Mixed in a coffee grinder. Follow us on instagram:
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