TIE TV – Feather Gamechanger (By Andreas Andersson)

In this TIE TV the fly tying vagabond Andreas Andersson shows how he ties the Feather Gamechanger! A fly that works great for any kind of trout, from small streams to the archipelago.
Follow the easy steps to do one yourself! You will not be dissapointed. Follow Fly Dressings own Youtube Channel for more fly tying videos: Material list:
Hook: Ahrex SA 280 #10 and #1 Shank: Flymen Fishing co Articulated Fish-spine 10-20mm
Connections: 20lb Partridge Pike wire
Glue: Zap a gap brush on, Zap a gap gel, Gulff UV resin Thinman or Classic. Thread: UTC 140 FL. pink, Power tread 150D – White
Tail: Whiting American rooster cape White
Body: Palmer Chenille in small and medium FL. Pink and Whiting Freshwater streamer saddle in Grizzly
Head: Deer hair in natural dyed Dun (grey)
Eyes: Fly-Dressing’s Oval double pupil 5,5mm in pearl (MEY4-PRL3C)
Finishing touches: Cautery tool Follow us on Instagram:… ​#flytying​​ #fly​​ #tietv​

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