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Difficult weekend

A week ago we had some challenges on a fishing trip and when the day began to bow electric motor home to oblivion. The challenge continued this weekend and the two days of fishing the catch was weak. Keep the standard, yes, but big bass are currently completely missing.

Saturday was a long time Leppävirta Unnukalla. Last year was Unnukalla a number of them occasions a good perch, but this year the catch has not come. It may, of course, due to the fact that we ain’t been there ?

The beginning of the week the weather forecast promised for the weekend of thunder, but the end of the year projections were already more positive and thunderstorm no longer be known. Saturday morning we left towards the alder stream, and the rain’s small drizzle, but fortunately the rain radar showed the rain / snow area was small.

Unnukan port in the rain, but there was no sign and I was really psyched, it was so good kalakeli. I had in mind although what fishing spots, where I wanted to during the day to visit. We had a full tank and a full day of time around both old and new places.

We left from the port towards the first fishing spot. Unnukan from the port of departure you have to drive a long way really slowly, because it is a 10 km/h speed limit a few miles. Our first spot was a few miles from the port and the place began immediately to draw in the fish.

There is no clear walleye or perch flocks, but the flocks were sekaparvia, which, as well as perches that keep the standard. There was just enough time to get a few fish all the way up, when I heard some strange sound. The sound resembled thunder, but no rain let alone thunder be you coming.

I continued fishing and soon I heard again the same sound. Oh, damn, yes it was a clap of thunder. I took immediately the cell phone in your hand and look at the meteorology of the sites the rainfall radar. Well, the nice thing, we on the southwest side was born ukkosrintama out of nowhere. I was only an hour ago, checked the rain radar and there wasn’t any squalls or lightning in sight, but now and then a ”salami” was like a cluster.

Leppävirta is the Theft of the above (a screenshot of the meteorological department.en)

I’m thunder with a little over-cautious, so I turned the bow of the boat toward port, while Juha was a little confused why the need to go back. However, I wanted to be close to the beach, if the thunder will come on top, because where else it thunder lake strikes, as me ? was Being near the port of sky anchor in almost a couple of hours and was watching the whole time, stormtracker, after which the dare was given again to continue the journey.

The thunder don’t an umbrella to be used, but at this point the thunder was several dozens of miles away

Always between rain showers and between the driven thunder away to the new place. We went almost the whole day thunder dodged while, so the majority of the planned fish places left to go.


I had to watch the rain to explore a little matter, because the new thunder was born out of nowhere and one was really on, too. Had to go to the nearest island for shelter, when I no longer dared to be at the lake.

Thunder hidden

(a screenshot of the meteorological department.en)

Ukkosrintama go over and get back to the waters. The island next to find by chance the fish and ice were there to fish. Keep the standard and perch were again sekaparvessa and was in turn both. The dimensions of the walleye to come during the day often, but this time we didn’t take any walleye.

I got to test Shaker F Piggyshad jigs in sizes of 3.5″, which is a good size and ahvenelle that kuhalle. Usually a shovel-tailed jig works better heittojigaus, but this model surprised, because it worked surprisingly well also vertsussa.

Piggyshadeissa is a lot of color options, these colors in addition found in other colors

The fish took all ahnaimmin jigiin when I went to reel to jig up, making the tail of the ui wild =) This jigille I recommend to try also the ”vertical tango”. The best tactic was to calculate the jig to the bottom and leave the reel to be rather slowly upwards, then became hits =)

Keep the standard of liked the special a lot of ”can wet”

Maybe next time, bigger bass =)

Juha got drops hottaamalla good perch, of which the biggest was 35cm. The purpose was to take the food for bass, but we didn’t get to fish enough +30cm fish, for our friends the thunder came again the umpteenth time to mess up our fishing plans. Released bracket in collected perch and gassed to the beach.
Thunder 1 – Jekkonen 0.

So and so, I mean, we really don’t like shore may have been gassed, because, as already told, a couple of kilometres before the port’s speed limit. Was a bit frustrating to drive in the pouring rain bucks, but law-abiding citizens obey the speed limits ?

Finally reached the shore litimärkinä and without food fish. See Unnukka again in a few years ?

Unnukan beach in the thunder has already very much

Today we didn’t have long to fish, so made a quick stab Kallavedelle. We’re getting a quick injection duration is at least 8 hours, because it for shorter fishing trips did not dare even leave ?

Cabin bay port

Today wasn’t a thunderstorm coming, huh. Yesterday was a pretty scary day, when he saw how quickly and unexpectedly a thunderstorm can arise. Today, fortunately, was enjoy the wonderful weather, but the wind was so terrible, that it it fish nothing came of it. You notice by the way, how much I’m making excuses fish free, when in fact I haven’t been able to fish ?

There was a deer on his back and was being olli’s back, but the big bass were not both on his back. A few of the familiar place had a lot of fish, but the perch size was 20-200g, i.e. far too small. Today there is obtained no more than 30cm perch.

Maybe the sea could have been bigger, but not for those on a jig good enough

Small perches react like this when their in front count a jig of

Today I wonder, how can it be even possible, that I can always dodge those big bass fishing spot. It would be nice to do in the future although the work of fishing, but if you can’t find the fish, so that’s what those plans then fail. Challenging hobby.

Faithful and silent friend did his job, even though the wind was really hard

Keep the standard found today better than the bass. Although today was more of the dimensions of the fish, so yes it’s minimum size is between a nuisance. One bench was full of fish and almost spoke too soon. Scared that now you will find a better perch, but nope, one hundred and fifty thousand walleye fry.

Piggyshad pick up yes the dimensions of the fish today, but tasted it also alamitalla the

The lake’s depth variation, wasn’t pat fish =D

If you now get to look at a crystal ball, so I’m not watching next week’s lottery numbers, but I believe that where they pounds of bass are in ☺

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