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Boat home

Was finally the boat engine repair home. Overall, the boat was repaired just two weeks, although the time seems like years. About that time a large part of the wait was the insurance company’s decision (luckily we had insurance, phew). When the decision came, VML Sponsor put the boat in order quickly. Thank you Pasi and partners!

Saturday was directed at long time to the lake. The waters were cool for less than ten degrees and the air temperature not much above zero been. So what does summer change straight to winter? I would be very happy for a few weeks of the autumn yet here, because the bass I hear are in the autumn so hungry!

Saturday had strong winds and were forced to choose a fishing spot, the areas. We left the cabin bay sand in the salon direction and the bike was there all day.

The first fish a place to draw the probe to the screen perch. A few minutes the line tightened and the lift was small stripe shirts on the boat. Almost cried of happiness when I was so glad that the first place I had gone fishing ? And even the little bass brought a smile to the lips ☺

The traditional ”Lake-size”

I’ve noticed on Facebook, that the fishermen have found large quantities of perch and of course I assume that now the autumn fish are everywhere. The first fishing spot, but added that feeling and yes I had a pretty high expectations of the day’s catch.

But as you might guess, from that moment began the fish free. I couldn’t find anything anymore and twist were several old and new fishing spots. I made a decision that the next day in the direction of direct the deer back, so I could get even a few food fish. Bracket namely gaping Saturday-afternoon emptiness, when we don’t it sinteillä bother to fill.

The wind dropped this afternoon

Fortunately, someone invented the sloping of the sonar. Driven to despair, lumps edges, when I saw the oblique probe in the fish 30 meters from the boat page. I was wondering what fish are they, when were so deep. Time fish house, and they were revealed ahveniksi. Crazy shit, the perch were 11 feet! It is already really deep on the Lake’s fish. Hadn’t even crossed my mind to search for fish so deep, it was therefore completely oblique probe, that the fish can be found.

I put the boat in the sky anchor and perch began to tärppimään jig now. Bass spit all the time with small fish and they were clearly eating up. Part of the little fish seemed to kuoreille and part of the muikuille. I’ve seen in my life only two times the cheese for cancer bass Kallavedellä and now was the third time. Usually perch food fish Kallavedellä is smelt.

Dietary fish size was about eight cents

Mouths were full of little fish

We were on the same spot for a couple of hours and in between was transferred to the boat a little bit. Fish was on a slight embankment in a lot of the eight to eleven feet. Some were small perch and there was also a pretty decent bass too, but of course the big ones always get away ?

Bass are smart creatures and because of their sylkemät little fish were about eight feet tall, ahvenelle not the bigger jigs you have to do. Is it between the small catch. For example, the Savage Gear Bleak Paddle Tail measures eight feet tall, but the same color ten feet didn’t touch either.

I ordered Honkkarin a little jig, when there was jigialennusmyynti =)

I was so in my element at the lake, when I got a lift in a shirt with stripes on the boat. Exciting it mielialakin changed in an instant the desperate empty requester of the world iloisimmaksi people your ? Sunday plan deer back changed on the fly and decided that come the next morning to the same perch edged again.

Food fish are waiting for further processing

The sun was setting and they had to leave towards the port. I know that the fish are certainly on the same spot again the next morning, because the fish was so much.

The sun goes down today, way too early 🙁

Sunday dawned cold. This morning was three degrees below zero and the boat on top of a layer of ice from scratch, I think that this is the day the season ends. The end of the week, yes, I think the promise of warmer weather, so maybe in a few more trips we can throw.

Sunday was almost calm weather

Were directed directly to the previous day edged. Saturday’s bass remained in the fillets in the refrigerator to wait for friends, but maybe Sunday will leave the coat too open ”and pick” add a fillet, for those wise bass were häippäisseet. There wasn’t as remnants of the left and the fish size would be enough just to fish a rooster.

Turn was another god knows how many places and try looking at the beveled probe of the boat to the side areas, but did not find the fish shallow or deep. Yes it’s a little thing, that fishing is, at least for me a 100% luck game. Between the fish found in and between no.

The southwest wind was during the night replaced the north wind and ice-fishing overalls didn’t have any too. Yes, out at the lake, fortunately, is still doing, when you wear enough clothes on.

Warm beverage and cookie break are a mandatory thing on a cold day

On Sunday afternoon, hours after searching to find a few, take a perch, but on Saturday I like to eat from the window. The fish were so passive, and do not rise to intermediate water jigille at all, but ate all the bottom. Maybe someone can do ice fishing and morrilla should be able to get a good catch, but it jigikalastaja from such a find ?

Also in the summer that place are kuhamato were lost completely. Juha had a few accidental walleye of the weekend bass … but my line is not stuck to one either. How the other September fishing has produced results? Is become wildly perch catches? What about keep the standard, if you can find the same way walleye than in the summer?

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