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There is still summer left

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This summer has been nice! Waters has come after a lot of such work as your own on time. When I don’t have a job, Kallavedeltä comes to mapping new places, and also in their old. Try to stay, so to speak, on the pulse of the Lake’s fish. I mean, that would be nice to know all the time pretty well, that where the fish go. The job would then be easier, when there is need for customers to use so much time searching for fish.

Between getting myself to chase the Lake’s fish

It sounds so reasonable and you would think that if the lake every day use, should be knowledgeable about the fish trickery. But but… has this been noticed, that everything can go upside down in a matter of hours. What it the cause of the fish disappearance it always is, so yes keep the standard and perch are perhaps the world’s best disappearing act of factors. Change is the wind direction, whether there will be weather changes, depending on the choice täkykala deep on top of the… options for the fish’s disappearance are many.

Even if you had the whole day to drive the probe with places through, still not necessarily come up with a solution to what fish you go for. Järvessähän they of course are, but the Lake is so big the body of water, that five hours is really short time searching for fish. The fishing spot is in the thousands, but the sonar beam and time are limited. Fortunately, the fish in there is in the lake a lot, so it’s a little easier to find.

The lake is therefore spent time, but no logic to fish things I’ve invented. The fish live in the moment and if kuoreparvi hurt swimming predatory fish swarm past, at lunch time, just started the second. Fish finding is needed, therefore, always also in luck, because very often the fish are in motion.

I’m putting this under a few pictures of customer trips. Every single gig has been nice and memorable, and I hope that the feeling has been mutual. The boat has seen a lot of successes; between the fishing line away is tugging at my life first walleye and between the record perch.

And the boat speaking, Alutroll 605CC is yes then the perfect boat throwing a fishing, that day by day kind of liking it more and more. Customers have come to praise the stability and the interior. Throw levels and the inside to hide the storage space you have been top a good solution, there can be hidden so their own fishing equipment as the customer receipt of the goods. The boat is watch this space, though after all, because of course size, too. High 60 feet put you are safe and especially guide to the use of their importance on a boat when you might be inexperienced waters of the movers and also children.

Then again, the fact that of how comfortable the boat is to run! That whole class of boat will not be intimidated by very hard weather conditions and 150 horsepower Tohatsu does not have any exaggerated this boat the complete package!

Pinjalle life first walleye!
And immediately after, also Nooralle life in the first walleye, a great activity to do!
Pinjalle record perch!
Also Noora got a record ahveneni to!
The weather and the Lake offers a nice to keep the standard of Henry!
Linda day and a great perch!
Henry, too, striped shirt!
South guests find immediately what the Lake’s kuhiin the tastes!
Simo did not smile the whole day =)
The day started out great target fish!
Elliot and Mika, as well as double-sharkbait!
Mika also had their own jigs fishing with and well they work!
Elliot’s magical handwriting jigs, wet attracted the fishing line from the day the big ones keep the standard!
The record perch is a fact, good luck Good!
Despite her young age, Rudy was very jigikalastaja and raise the boat the day the biggest fish of the adults amazed with the beside!

The above happy obvious can see that fishing is fun! It is so nice to see when guests enjoy and are as stoked on fishing as I am. Yes it is an addictive hobby and, as the pictures tell, it is suitable really for everyone! You don’t need to be the world’s most experienced fisherman to get the fish, because the fish doesn’t care whether you are a beginner or decades fished. The lure in the water and after that anything can happen!

We’ve been to this summer John with two times fish in a little farther. The second trip went Unnukalle, where we spend one day and another trip was made Suvasvedelle, where we fished for two days.

Unnukan trip didn’t leave much to tell for posterity. We were there on a perch hunt, when sometimes the previous summer, there has become a good perch. This time every single perch the place was either empty or kuhien power by. I got the walleye flock amongst a few small perch, but otherwise the day was very walleye-oriented.

Zander wasn’t meant to fish, but a little difficult it was to avoid, when I think of the many times in the spot I had the probe from the screen perch flocks, and when it threw, there rose, too, walleye. Most of the fish were still undersized and during the day keep the standard became more ten. Walleye fishing anglers days would be a dream come true, because the walleye was so much movement and it was active. Bass anglers day was a little weaker and Juhakin was completely without perch contacts. Incredible. Have to look, if Unnukalle would give yet another chance this autumn.

Unnukan after was a small relief from the perch to the pain Suvasvedeltä. Yes, it’s so capricious lake, that I don’t know if it’s a top list in the tip or tail end. Or currently it is there at the top, the next on the fishing trip after the situation can be another. Well actually yes, it’s a wonderful lake, and if you want to challenge themselves and question their own fishing skills, you should head there 😅

Lakes can be described with the words: all or nothing. Suvas is a clear watery cheese of the lake where the bass grow fast and big. Maybe it’s a North-Savo Puruvesi, a little of the same features on both lake’s.

We were Suvaksella two days (last Saturday-Sunday) and the place was an island in the hammocks. It seems to me that whenever we’ve been to the Suvaksella, the weather is either a mirror and a really bright or it’s so windy that the fishing does not come with any. Suvaksella is still very little island on the lake size, so if you’re up there surfing, so the waves have size.

Great expectation Enonniemen per fishing spots

Clear plus clear lake is not an easy equation. Now, we had just such weather and if we hadn’t fishermen, so the weather is what would have been the perfect waters of being. The sun beats down all day and the sweat flowed. The morning began miraculously kuhilla, although they less frequently Suvasvedeltä comes. Juha lift hotel +50cm keep the standard of the biggest being 60cm and was left walleye place immediately after the peace, when they realized the loft was full of nothing but keep the standard. The perch they had been looking for! =)

Suvasveden 60cm walleye left to continue to live
Great scenery!

Weather not so jigikalastaja properly favored. Bass is nowhere to be found and every single bench and a stalemate was empty. I had in the past “knowledge” and on a hunch said that the fish was bright weather due to the sensitive and, therefore, perhaps pressed in real deep. Well I finally figured out last weekend that kind of thing, that it’s not the fish may not be sensitive, but it may be very aggressive and driving to the little fish in midwater. (Or whether they could suvas of fat cheese for the little fish said… well let’s say täkykaloiksi 😄)

So now I got a ahaaelämyksen, that if the fish is not found in the bottom, then it might be driving the intermediate water. Earlier I reasoned that I imagine fish press was always deeper and deeper because of the sun, but maybe it’s getting higher and higher…

Suvaksella perch fishing was quite different than usual. When they realized that the fish goes in the middle, I was in search of mid-water swarms and how to fish them. It was really challenging, because if and when the flock passed the sonar screen, should immediately stop the boat and try to anchor the fish on top. Without sky anchor it would not have been anything. Fish should therefore vertikaalijigata, because pintaviehe on them would not reach. A swarm usually finds 5 to 8 meters intermediate water depth of 10-15 meters.

This flock dropped the jig gives the right 37cm bass
Juha: 37cm perch

During the two days was good for perch, of which the biggest was my biggest open water during the experience bass less than 40cm. Then came also a lot of 30-37cm fish.

This monster was able to continue his journey
Sunset also found in the surface syöntejä

Saturday not yet been able to take the fish, because we went the night of the islands. Sunday dreams was a food fish and, fortunately, they finally found a few hours of searching after. Saturday and Sunday the main mission was to find the first cheese flocks, because if täkykalaa wasn’t, no there wasn petojakaan. As soon as you start the spherical round cheese flocks of view, soon will also appear in the middle of bright points. And after tightening of the lines 😊

Such should look for temporary water, this will immediately +30cm bass (sorry for that dirty probe display)

On Sunday I got all the fish except one Shaker f I Piggyshadilla color in the ’must have’. Try though what jigs, but always eventually put ottipeli back of the fishing line to the head. Sometimes I have thought that when the perch is landed on, it can provide anything and yes eat, but Suvaksella it’s not like that. Could it be that in the clear water jig significance is even more pronounced.

Handsome perch kölliköitä!
Patriot floating sump is convenient, because it can raise food fish and papitus and brush up on the can do finally sarjatyö day =)

Suvas of hammock road in addition camping is also Kallavedellä and put the end of the few pictures from those trips. Incredible, that a few kilometers from Kuopio, a lively downtown is a completely different world. If you should describe that what I think it looks like a paradise, so maybe it would be just like.

Nature had negotiated this fine work of one of the stone surface!
Bedroom with nice wallpaper
In these circumstances, quite happy to spend the night!

South Kallavedeltä found a lot of good hammock for camping suitable for the island and it’s pretty exciting feeling when you can see the Puijo tower just before you close your eyes. Provide to customers also depends on the carpet outings and August was still a very good time to leave the island trip 😊

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