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Finally ice fishing!

Now it’s ice fishing season kicks off in Kuopio. Originally, I was of the opinion that the start of the season then, when Kallavedessä is a ten inch of clear ice. Well time passed and the weeks passed. The little ponds froze a good pace, but on the Lake it but the waves. The guys around Finland stung facebook were ice fishing – and catch the picture and when you already in Southern Finland until the crew ran to ice fishing, was I to forget it on the Lake and leave the pond for ice fishing.

Pond jigging is a bit boring, that’s why I probably won’t have it so didn’t either. The pond gets mapping really quickly, at least in a bigger group. If the fish doesn’t eat, so then it doesn’t eat the whole pond. Kallavedellä and other bigger lake, maybe a change of venue can help, if eating fish is not hard to find. The sled can swing, like, ten miles away, and there may then find a hungry bass.

Now, however, when the big lakes are still unfrozen, I like them lammetkin ?

Was Saturday a little pond, where our buddy Sam got close a couple of weeks ago, a little over 1.5 kg bass. The pond had already given a good-sized perch, so yes, such a place would love to go to try.

We were on the ice for nine countries. It previously is not really even worth to go, when it is so obscure. All the previous events that the pond had been nine and twelve.

Yippee, ice fishing season 2018-2019 starts now!

The first hole drilling of hand bore was nostalgia, but ? I don’t even remember, when I have my own hole in the ice of the crank when a slacker teen holes are always on the machine. I intend to move back to the Hitachiin instantly, when the ice becomes a little bit more and get the ice fishing bigger bodies of water. Now the ice was less than 15cm, the holes generated are still relatively easy.

It was a wonderful feeling, when I dropped a jig to the sensor in the water and after information. Then I was staring at a familiar blank screen and really enjoy the situation. Yet there is no pressure to get the fish, the main thing that access to nature and fresh open air.

Yes I missed this <3

Saturday’s weather forecast promised snow all day and between the rain so big rags from the sky, that I couldn’t see anything. The sonar screen was supposed to be the wipers.

Hours passed and the hole was born. We were four people and the ice is starting to resemble swiss cheese. The fish wasn’t hungry, except for one greedy beast ui Sam’s hole. Sam lifted the ice perch information for the fall the 38cm bass. Oh that was a nice fish!

Sam it will always find all the biggest bass =)

That’s what they better you fish happened to you then gave. The end of the day my balance was three perch möyrähdystä on the bottom and one for the slow rise involved. Even so I couldn’t even get bites, but it’s worth the wait. The first ice fishing day ended with the letters MP ?

When the time was reached pilkinnän terms of pace, so Saturday night I studied the map, where it directed the next day. Just to new places is hard and scary to leave, when the ice is a mystery. Saturday at the pond was a crowd already been almost two weeks, so there was a certainty of ice.

Sunday was selected as one of the pond a few dozen kilometers away. In the morning we were in good time at the beach and on the ice, the snow cover was untouched. Not there, at least for fishermen to be visited and a little nervous to go drilling to the beach. We have always good equipment on the site; flotation overalls, which are still under Ursuit MPS interval costumes. And, naturally, ice picks around the neck and rope to the pulk. And crew when ice fishing, always have helpers involved.

Test drilling on the beach

Ice was surprisingly good, clear ice was at least 15 cents. We started to move slowly towards deeper and the ice was steadily fifteen cents every side.

The first hole in the ice to draw a blank. The second winter was also a quiet and fair on the fifteenth hole after the left was sausage fry. A rare quiet day.

Stupid it is, but no harm

Today was a really windy day and ice at almost became chilly when sat in place and stared at the screen. Many times ice fishing strikes the cold, when there is a hard wind. Somehow the wind goes to the bone, although it is windproof clothes. I was thinking in my mind, that I wish there was a convenient, if pulk to open the canopy, you could always pull over in windy weather. Who began your plan or do you think someone has developed something like that?

Yes, these wintry gray photos are a bit depressing, compared to summer and lovely colourful pictures

Yes time always gold memories, when you remember the ice fishing season and a wonderful bass climbs involved. Now after two days I ask but that what you get? Today four fishermen suspect the probe they are to be broken, when the screen in nothing happened at all.

In the past I have been a big bass behind a runner, but nowadays I’m more file may the food fish of the seeker. Of course a big perch now and then would cheer a day, but usually those big giants are individual fish. Food the fish again came to the fireworks of the musical accompaniment and that is one thing that I miss.

Two ice fishing days, two MP-trip. When I get to feel bites on the fishing rod, either this year? ☺

Sunday ice fishing the end of the day tasted like a sausage 🙂

Leino Pekka sent me and Juha test new fishing game Kid XL models, first impressions and operating experience are promising. Involved the ui really nice and easy. Although the information is a big, Pekka has got it lighten well and involved the swimming is great.

Fish game Punk XL, the picture does not do justice to these 🙁

I also got a couple of VA-kina-involved in the test and the gorgeous appearance is of these. I made it for the second sail and looking good! Just find a lake with bass, so the information you get to the real action ?

VA-kina-information for you 🙂

This winter I made a decision that I carry with me ice fishing any more as involved the box. Last winter I had that trip over a hundred involved with and it was just too much, when all should give the duration of the swim and then not have everyone to use. Now let’s go with a smaller arsenal, more is simply not there.

Either all the others have had time to start the ice fishing season? And whether someone already got to the bigger lake for ice fishing or are you focused on the ponds?

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