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Soon it’s ice fishing season in the package. The miracle of a long season eventually took, although early winter seemed so bad. Kallavedelle, at least on the south side, don’t think I have the whole winter to become a super good ice. In January and February driven snow to prevent ice strengthening, although at times there were harsh frosts. Fortunately, ice fishing, however, was reached and, after all, Savo 2018-2019 ice fishing season I have a length of like the average.

This winter has been the perch in the food. I think the best ice fishing of the winter never perch, even though the pounds were not exceeded not come. Maybe. I got a few weeks ago 970g bass and it was weighed in my own slate pencil-scales. Now then when compared to my scale the accuracy of His instrument, which is really accurate and at home ”currently shows”, so the difference was 30g. So Juha exact landscape looked like 30g more. Maybe it’s my perch would have been pounds.. But it doesn’t basically matter ?

We kids don’t like bass, strange. Then had His dinner alone like a lot of fish. In general, we released less than 250g perch and taken it bigger filekalat, because of their bigger size doesn’t come so much. Is do though what a treat food perch and surprising that, for example, the capers are very suitable for bass. Yesterday a fish bake and I can recommend to try, one of the best perch recipes, what I’ve tried. Or Juhahan it was cook ?

Although fish has become a very in this winter and between the other eyes it may seem that we can get that ride to catch, so the issue is really not so ? Pretty all the fishing trips I haven’t even written my blog, because necessarily there hasn’t been anything to write about.

This winter has been the Lake’s weak to the ice due to a lot of other on the lake ice fishing. On the other hand, time too bad thing, because the Lake starts 100 meters from our home. Last winter was really a lot of South Kallavedellä, because it is so close, but this winter has been there only once. The lake is surrounded by Kuopiota and if you want to send someone else to the lake, you have to drive first a long distance.

That’s a really nonsense thing, that self-caught fish should be free. At least in our situation, the cheaper it would certainly always come a fish fillet, directly from the fish struck. Miles has become, as well as the car that snowmobile meter and if the propeller was in your meter, so they, too, would become in a short time already big readers.

But every hobby has a price tag. We hobby the main goal is not really to catch fish, but to learn. And yes it learn has this winter become just tumbled. I feel that many of the pieces have fallen in place and I’ve figured out when and where the fish eat.

I realized, for example, sunshine and bright weather the importance of eating fish, in clear weather fish does not eat! Or so I thought. Then the perch ate, just as wild, sunny weather and there goes my fancy theory.

Then again, that was learned the hard way that fishing can never make certain assumptions. Maybe if the observation would be even a thousand years, then there may be already some kind of conclusion to make, but I don’t own the experience, dare to say anything anymore. No man can fully get the map for fish quirks and that’s the beauty of it is, that nature will always marvel at the new stuff. In the world many a wondrous thing ☺

Between the fishing trip are empty, sometimes the catch may be one of the perch and then there are also those bullseye trips, when ice pushes a shitload of bass. I have now recently done four one-fish trip around Savo. Outpost ice fishing places have been 80 miles away and if during the day the car meter comes to 160km and home that she has one perch, so yes it’s getting to be a pretty expensive food. But as I said earlier, loot is not the main thing. To me every fishing trip is an experience and they can already little pay.

Great in the landscape in dumb asking
Morning eating does not become…
When the fish does not eat, then time to take some great pictures
An empty probe of staring, so familiar…
The swans arrived <3
I can get to a perch and then a pike took the game. That’s the end of the pleasure 🙁
The sun softens the meter project is a nice sink
Rear winter surprised in April
Uh, was it a good idea to leave the prop on, when the snow is promised 30cm… NOT!
The back of winter, a hundred meters from the wind and snowfall. The Ai that I enjoy.
Sometimes I think that the snow myräkällä fish eat. Don’t look eaten.
The islands represent are already unfrozen

A couple-got you good trip Nilakalle. I’ve never been to that lake, but sure I will in the future visit. The lake effect potential from also summer. I got OPM from the loan to the new HDS Live device and it’s really interesting to get to drive old and new places through Active Imaging sensor.

We have previously had a total scan to the rear of the boat, but the new AI 3-in-1 is said to be still significantly better sensor, so I can’t wait for the ice to melt. Pilkitty of now, however, the first this season to finish ?

HDS Live interested in cats, or is it that cardboard box…

Nilakan is really a large lake Tervo, Keiteleen and Pielavesi. I noticed that the cell map programs do not have there place and therefore the right of fishing in the depth of searching was tricky. Next summer may be a bit to go driving around the map to get there, so it would make it easier in the winter the place to find the…

Nilakan is a clear water lake, but perch wasn’t a +10 feet, as I had expected. Oh yeah, their hypothesis does not have done. We found the bass to 5-6 meters, and apparently so low in oleilevalla perch food fish are other than kuoreet.

Wow what colors!

Years, we get the perch of probably 95% of has been shell of eaters. If the perch of the stomach has been fish, it has almost always been under bark. This has been all the lake, where we’ve been and the various lakes is a lot!

The alarm had already been before three, so that was the game the day before the sun rise

Nilakan perches of the food were kuoreet, perch and kiisket. Sure it can affect it, that we we fished for bass so low. Perhaps there can get bass syvemmästäkin and food fish are smelt and vendace? The fish, which we did, we spit in all three species and exciting, that already less than 100g perch ate fish food.

The lake had a lot of crevasses and fishermen were seen to accumulate in the crevice of intimacy. The first trip we found the crevice next to the fish. Or actually, we involved in Iisalmi Pasi found ?

Pasi ice fishing without a sonar and mainly morrivehkeet. There were three of us in traffic and already in the morning we split up in different directions. Throughout the day, then they started calling each other is a fish found. Pasi found a crevice next to the perch and one phone call after Nilakan on the ice was seen to thank the two propeller types to almost the speed of light towards the Pasia and perch.

Pasilla day of the biggest perch was more than half a pound

Yes, it was a good fishing spot. I got myself it a couple of 600g and in addition to the smaller perch. Put were all less than 250g perch in the back, because that 100-150g of fish there had become too much.

When the change involved the small jigiin, so the line began to tighten
Peculiar that information you were not working at all
Nilakan ahvenelle had to offer really small lures
Even for a large ahvenelle tasted 5cm jig
Nilakan offering the first trip
Thank you Pasille ice fishing company!

Do I still of John with a couple of other trips Nilakalle and one of them give again the very food fish. Perch size ranged no. 100-500g and that time we took all the perch, because the goal was to make the fish a rooster. Too bad that they correct the rooster fish were missing, and was only one of the criteria, but yes they are a little larger perch bones in the oven to become soft, when enough cooked.

I was fascinated Nilakan perch in appearance, so many had 7-8 tracks
Also perch coloring was really nice
Rooster fish jigillä =D
I wonder what the fish would offer…
Perch’s mouth cut a 5-7cm perch and kiiskiä, maybe that’s why also the lure size should be so small…
One of the bass spit the life of the envelope
Always learn something new! This is why keltamaha information for you work? And red chin ship…

Days total balance was 8kg and it was a great trip. The kids weren’t the least bit excited; ”another perch to eat?”

8kg bass, yay!
Very slip =)

Part of the bass, but refined into His hands as free from gluten for fish kukoksi. A rooster was hidden also bacon and it was so good, that I’ve never tasted as good kalakukot. Fortunately, the fish, the rooster was the size of the LEFT, so that it has time to relish several times. Juha is yes, fish cock master. Below the instructions, with Juha always gluten free rooster makes. Worth a try!

I wrote before on my blog, when I have been since last autumn with the Finnish Recreational fisheries of the central organization and the Heart of Ice fishing organized fishing club. The club is for about 10-16 years of age children and young people, and many club members there with their parents. During the winter the club is mm. making lures because of the dark club night are not really suitable for fishing. Of course, we were math ice fishing in February, and then the darkness was desirable, but the perch isn’t in the pitch dark to eat.

Now the spring comes and the light period pidennyttyä is to reach children with evening ice fishing. Also the ice after the departure of the bright evenings are a nice time to fish. The summer time night can be even better time eating fish in terms of, well, you know, assumptions about when it is best not fishing to do ☺

Last week we had a big group day ice fishing and yes the weather favored. And although the top looked like, that Ahti is not recommended, so yes that too, then relented and often the fishermen had the lines tight. Great experience ?

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