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In 2019, the biggest perch

Challenge two weeks behind. I’ve been diligently ice fishing and target bass, but striped shirts have been circulating in my hole from the back. Small frustration has been noticeable, when the adjacent avannoilta has risen to the monster bass and at your own air hole at the sonar has drawn a blank. Or have I got siiat and began already to fear that point I get the nickname whitefish-Jekkonen. Fortunately, the situation changed.

There is a saying ’monkey off back’. No, I have never before been such a thing back in climbing, but now a couple of weeks perch infertility after I began to feel the weight load on the shoulders. Sometimes it is amazing that even though pilkitty the same information in the same place to fish, so the perch might like a law unto itself to leave you information you ignore. Of course, not catch not the main thing in fishing, but it’s always between a nice extra.

All means have been tried, even a lucky banana

Is pörrätty with the sledge here and there, when conditions on the ice were changed such that no longer not ice sled got stuck. Things, however, turned upside down and the ice was already too good to move. The snow melted away and the sled spun in place so the ice was after all stuck. In addition, the sliding plastic you were gonna melt.

I grabbed a nice picture =)
Spring came, the snow melted…

Make the solution that is buying a kick sled and we’ll take them to ice fishing. Snow-free ice, the propeller slip well and it can be reached quickly from miles away.

Hong Kong was all Eslan propellers for half the price, bought for folding models

When I was fetched propellers home, it started raining snow. The snow fell at once in ten cents and it will add also in the following days. I mean, we of them the propeller on have been ice fishing once, so change was again on the fly snowmobile ? Now on the ice so far is a good pass that sled!

Buy propeller, so it was snowing!
In this weather you would think the fish eat well and yeah, it ate, namely, all other =D

I’ve been ice fishing before only involved in, although gimpel-people have been urging me to try morria, in order to get back the fish taste. Yet I don’t have the path to the left.

I have received a surprising amount of siiat and they have been eating involved. In between I’ve been wondering siikojen use, when they may have to rise information for in exactly the same way as bass. Usually siiat to identify the probe display, when they swim depth ranging for a long time the lure next to and between the rise of the lure above, but there are exceptions, obviously among them is.

These siiat were fortunately clean

I am now a couple weeks practicing to use sonar flasheri the traditional sonar view alongside. It’s actually a very handy feature, as flasher began to draw the fish earlier than the traditional view, although both have high chirp enabled.

For example, if the invoice information for the hole in the ice and fish for some further interest in tasurista and goes toward the flasher to draw a fish in the past. Appear in parallel to support each other, the traditional view of the fish species and size can more easily recognize, like flash, erin.

The weather has been this winter, really great and rapid fluctuations, and maybe it is activated the larger bass to eat. Facebook is seen like a huge fish catches and it seems that this winter people have received a record number of large perch. Or are they just starting to use Facebook ?

My fish have been in recent times this size

Then came the day, when the furry guy in the back came off. I was already really about to go ice fishing class, when it seemed that the ice-fishing skills were lost (if there ever has been).

I have noticed that fish did not eat as well in clear weather, at least now, when the amount of snow on the ice less. When the weather report looked like yesterday’s cloudy weather the whole day, so I got a small spark of hope the fish eating. Maybe fish is not so timid anymore.

We were on the ice at sunrise and already it was surprisingly bright. I don’t know if the sun rise on such a large importance on cloudy days, when the weather is not necessarily brighten properly throughout the day.

Art on ice

Yesterday the probe didn’t see any sunrise. Ice fishing empty hours, and another, until I woke up the bottom from the left by line. Now, by the way is coming in fast! I like the fishing rods to catch and soon a bite, that fish did not hesitate. Lapoin line on the ice and a monkey on his shoulder to peek, what the hell happened.

Ice rose exactly 600g perch and feel starts a little easier to handle. Are you getting a perch infertility curse…

600g feel good

Perch come fish game-yellow-bellied have foil cheese, which I had specifically chosen line to get snowfall.

Fish Game Kid

Unfortunately, the perch was a lone wanderer, because it didn’t have any friends involved. A blank probe the staring continued.

Drilling the holes all the time and I changed the hole in the ice always quickly, if the probe was not life. If the fish did not start area, so I moved to another place. Juha wanted to look for fishing to walking and I did sled a little longer transitions. I toured during the day closer to ten different places.

A bogeyman went visitin ‘ already, almost heart stop…

Stupid, stupid and stupid. It did not start processing commit any of the morning’s six hundred after. I tried a number of different information, because of the snow even the rain had ceased. Maybe information doesn’t need anymore yellow belly, but in the cloud, the gap broke through variable because of the sun ahvenelle could do other colors.

<3 ice
<3 the sky
Jig office

At noon I called Juha and I asked want to go to a certain hotspotille together. Juha had room also quiet, so he asked kelkkataxin get him. I did that job.

Pörhällettiin snowmobile destination and the second hole in the ice on strange things start to happen. May be between the floated information of the number of meters increases, so the farther the fish would see it. Floated I was a Kid the extensive bets and soon a flash erin began to view life.

What the hell those flash erin shows the fish are, when the traditional view does not draw anything? I like the fishing rods properly closed and the meters before the information box appeared on the fish. A second or two after I felt sharkbait. Hui, now comes the bass boost on some page!

Lift the fish out on the ice and it was filekokoa. Bill suddenly Punk back for a swim. Juha was coming from the adjacent air hole is considered the koolaid, when I was just in flames. Again, see the flash erin in the information for any approaching fish and the traditional view of the draw perch until just before sharkbait. Bam! Fish caught and I lapa fishing line on the ice at the same time, when a monkey falls off your back.

Winter will be a good size perch and Juha says next: ”That’s a pound perch!” Rub eyes and amazing fish the size of yourself. Wow, that seriously is a big!

The perch was about 40cm
The perch weighed 970g

Dropper information quickly back to the ice-hole and there was silence. Just then a frantic winter beneath the bouncing off the perch had vanished like ashes in the wind. They seriously were driving, because come intermediate of the water involved, and continued their journey, when the food disappeared in front of you.

I raised the Brat feet up, and let the line drop free back. Try to get the loft back, but the fish is no longer seen.

I got during the day one filekalan and days the total balance was four file and one rooster fish. All come at the same time fish the game Nulikalla, even the rooster fish! For the last couple of weeks I’ve received a surprising number of fish bass information. Beast it’s a small beast ?

Incredible glutton, when you ate involved the head of the above =)

Fish the average size was good and the end of the day the vibe was awesome, because I had received one of the biggest bass. I remember that 970g fish would be the third largest I have ever gotten perch. Yay!

Day four the best

In winter, the big fish release is challenging the frost and last night was ten degrees below zero and strong wind, so all the fish went for dinner.

Legs and shoes were sent home with a thick ice-covered

Made today maybe pikaisin stab ice fishing ever. Live in march and I thought that at this stage the ice fishing season ice fishing is no longer cold. I was completely wrong. Over ten degrees of frost and it’s pretty freakin ‘ cold north wind will make conditions so cold that I thought the north pole was warmer.

Rarely feel the cold in my bones, but today the cold went all the layers of clothing. I am so happy that I didn’t get the fish, because after that I could have said ten finger goodbye. They were frozen ruined and snap off, so in the end well all well ☺

Trying to warm up in the sunshine, but the north wind had other ideas

We will be next week rare guests, while a few involved the frenzied arrival to Kuopio ice fishing vacation. I hope Savo perches are where the guests fancy and hungry ☺

Article 2019 the biggest perch was first published in the FISH WE LUCK.

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