ZANDER PRO – Episode 1

In the modern era of European sport fishing, the two species with the highest status and most attention have been the northern pike and redfin perch. But – there’s another vicious killer lurking in the dark… It’s been around for millions of years and has developed into a top predator, specialised to thrive and hunt in murky waters and low light conditions. Of course we’re talking about the mysterious zander… The 6 teams competing in the first edition of ZANDER PRO are: CWC Fishing Team – Evert Oostdam & Leon Cramer
Team Westin – Luc Coppens & Hannu Vesaranta
Team Abu Garcia/Berkley – Freddy Harbort & Timo Rosche
Team Quantum/AngelSpezi – Dietmar Isaiasch & Patrick Fleischer
Team Nays – Dustin Schöne & Tobias Ekvall
Team Fiiish/Rodhouse – Stéphane Forgeois & Tony Niedzwiedz German, French, Russian, Polish and Swedish subtitles available. This season there will be six episodes, released Fridays at 19:00 CEST until the 4th of June. Let's make zander great again! #ZANDERPRO #Kanalgratis #MakeZanderGreatAgain

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